The strict provisions for the rape are made in the law to protect the interest of women who in many cases gets exploited by the men. But at the same time, the Rape charges also becomes one of the most powerful weapons in the hands of the woman who wants take revenge on the man. Many a times rape charges are filed just to harass the men. This particular case points towards the same. Here, in this case, a 24-year-old woman filed the case of rape against the 56-year-old businessman which turned out to be false allegations.

According to the PTI news, Anjuna Police have arrested a 24-year-old Tulika Katare from Indore for allegedly filing a false rape case against a Mumbai-based Businessman last year. “We have made the arrest in a 2016 alleged rape case following an investigation in the case based on the complaint filed by the rape accused,” Anjuna PI Sanjay Dalvi told the media.

According to Anjuna PI (Police Inspector), Tulika Katare from Indore had registered the complaint at Anjuna police station in February 2016 against the 56-year-old businessman Kishor Keswani, who is the hotelier from Thane, stating that she was raped by him in one of the hotels in Anjuna on the pretext of giving her the job. “In her statement, Katare had stated that Keswani had taken her to a hotel room in Anjuna under the pretext of giving her a job and raped her,” said the sources.


In the month of March 2016, the accused Keswani had applied for the anticipatory bail and the same was granted by the additional sessions judge at Mapusa Goa, said the police. While the case was in progress the accused Keswani filed the counter allegation on the complainant and 11 others for filing the case against him based on the false allegations. “In his complaint, Keswani said that the allegation against him was aimed at grabbing his property and extorting money from him and were as such baseless as he was in Mumbai at the time of the incident,” said the sources.

Mr. Dalvi said that according to their investigation it was revealed that the accused was in Mumbai at his residence when the alleged incident said to have happened in Goa. “We obtained the CCTV footage from Keshwani’s House in Ulhasnagar which shows his presence in Mumbai at the time of the incident. Besides, his mobile phone location showed and other witnesses also claimed that he was not in Goa on the day when the woman accused him of rape,” he said.

The police further said that the medical report of the woman also came out negative. “Keswani’s DNA reports were negative in the alleged rape case and that the hotel staff where the alleged incident took place also did not identify him during an identification parade,” said the police.


The Anjuna PI Mr. Dalvi said that they have arrested the woman yesterday and sent her into the police custody after producing her before the judicial magistrate first class at Mapusa. “The woman was arrested yesterday following an investigation in the case which revealed that the complaint against the builder was fake. Katare has been sent to seven days police custody by JMFC Mapusa,” Anjuna police inspector Sanjay Dalvi told PTI.





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