Pimps lure tourist showing the photos of ‘Goan Girls’ in North Goa

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Calangute is the most famous beach of North Goa majorly populated with Desi tourists, it also known as “Desi Tourist Haven” according to the sources Pimps have been practicing the unique marketing strategy to lure this tourists by showing the photos of Goan girls and women shot on their mobile phones. The process starts with Pimp approaching a lone male tourist or group of male domestic tourists in the public parking lots at Calangute and Baga area, or the shacks or in local hotels asking “Goa Ka Ladki Mangta Hai Kya?” (Do you need a Goan Girl?) Gazing the approval of the tourist the Pimp would pull out the mobile phone from his pocket to show the photos of young Goan Women.

Needless to mention that these Goan Women are not the commercial sex workers but the residents of Calangute and surrounding localities who were supposed to have been photographed without their consent or knowledge by these pimps to use as an instrument to lure the Desi Customers. Accordingly once the customers show willingness they have been told to wait till the arrangements have been made to deliver the women for agreed price. The customers then perused into drinking and made to pay the advance money for the women. But they never been supplied the women simply because this is a racket and those women in the images are not part of these racket at all. Instead the tourists might be supplied with some other women, if at all or simply cheated.

The Modus Operandi of this game came into the light when some of the pimps were nabbed by the social activists recently in Calangute area. While checking their cellphones it has been discovered that they are filled with the photos of local women from their neighbourhood. It was also discovered that these photos of local women were clicked in their colorful outfits either while going for Sunday mass, or shopping without their knowledge. Following the outburst of this news which was lead to public outrage followed by the Calangute MLA Michael Lobo going on one-day hunger strike to bring this issue into the media, but the racket continued.

According to the sources there are around 500 such pimps moving around in the north coastal belt of Calangute and Baga targeting thousands of single domestic male tourist visiting Goa for work or fun. Once they get hold of these tourists using the women as bait they have been lured to the places which do not have regular clientele. Then the male tourist has been promised the delivery of the women in some time. Here they are made to run up huge tabs within a few hours of wining and dining, while being fed with stories about the supposedly legendary sexual attributes of Goan women. In the end by the time tourist gets drunk, they have been told that the particular women is not available due to certain reasons and they have been supplied either with the women from other states or provided with the transgender.

There is no permanent solution for this as the businesses of this type is going on huge scale and the only solution could be staying away from these activities. The tourist coming to state should not be under the impression that ‘Goa Me Ladki Milta Hai’ (You Get Girls in Goa for fun) because that is not true. And even after the advice if someone still want to try some adventure then they are responsible for the consequences occurred out of this at the end of the day. Please leave your suggestions and comments on this issue.

Source: TNN

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