SPAs to join hands with Goa Police to crack sex trade in city

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Goa police is always keeping its third eye on the activities in SPAs in the city due to many crackdowns of sex rackets in city as well as certain parts of Goa where it has been revealed that the places running under the name SPAs are carrying out illegal activities such as flesh trade under the nose of the police system. To bring down such activities Goa police has decided to shake hands with the SPA owners in the city curb the immoral trade under the garb of SPA.

According to the news published in the local daily, the representatives of SPAs have assured the city police of providing a lead of flesh trade activities taking place under the garb of SPAs. The assurance is given to police by the representatives of the city SPAs at a meeting held at Panaji police station on Wednesday evening. According to the police sources the meeting was called especially to direct and exhort the SPA operators to adhere to rules. In the meeting the police officials requested the SPA representatives to help police by providing the tip-offs any flesh trade running in the city under the garb of SPAs.

There are more than two dozens of SPAs running in the city out of which only 16 SPA representatives, some of them are also the owners, had attended this meet. This meeting was chaired by SDPO (Sub Division Police Officer) DySP Serafin Dias and Panaji PI Siddhant Shirodkar. The police have claimed that the SPA owners have agreed to help the police with the tip-offs if they come to know any SPA indulges into the illegal flesh trade under the banner of SPA.

It has to be recalled that in the recent past Goa Police have busted many such rackets where SPAs and Massage Parlors used to run flesh trade under the grab of spas. Police have claimed that such immoral activities have given a negative publicity to the state of Goa, which is an international tourism destination. Even the spa representatives have agreed to support the police machinery in this strategy as it has given them negative publicity too. Let’s hope that both work together in harmony to eradicate the negative of image of state of Goa from the minds of the tourist coming to Goa. Please do leave your comments and suggestions on this issue.

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