Patients Hesitating to goto GMCH Due to The Recent Events – HC

Patients Hesitating to goto GMCH

The high court responded to the argument of the Advocate General (AG) about the best in class facilities available at GMCH (Goa Medical College Hospitals) saying that patients are hesitant to go to GMC due to the events that took place there in the past couple of days. 

It may be recalled that the local, as well as the national media, exposed the pathetic condition prevailing at GMCH with patients are dying daily due to the lack of oxygen and getting treated lying on the ground or storeroom due to no the lack of beds. 

In fact in one of the recent developments the patients have been asked to carry their own oximeters and oxygen cylinders due to the unavailability of the same at the hospital. 

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According to the argument made by AG before the high court, it is the reverse effect of the same that all the critical patients referred to GMCH are delaying to go there due to the fear of losing lives due to the lack of Oxygen and other facilities such as beds and medicines and that is, in turn, making the treatment more difficult. 

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It may be recalled that on a Wednesday last week 26 patients died at GMCH due to shortage of Oxygen and the next day another 15 succumbed to the same fate and on Friday around 13 died due to the interrupted supply of oxygen. 

Earlier, HC had observed that the material placed before it showed that patients had suffered, and in some cases succumbed to the shortage of oxygen. 

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On Monday, a division bench led by Justice M S Sonak told the A-G: “Hesitation of people may have something to do with what has happened over the last five-six days. Videos (of hospital wards) have gone viral. People will naturally feel that.”

The state government has spent hundreds of crores on the covid front for buying ventilators and building new hospitals but still, the condition of the patients remains the same. There are selected people being given the VIP and VVIP treatment during the admission and treatment but for the rest, it’s never returning trip from Goa’s Apex Hospital. 

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