Mickky Pacheco Booked for threatening Polling Official while discharging his duties

The Nuvem MLA, Francisco Xavier Pacheco, alias Mickky Pacheco, has been always remained under the shadow of controversies due to various reasons. With Mr. Pacheco, anything but an anger seems to be uncontrollable and he does not care who he is dealing with before lashing out at the person. Although it is a different story that this behavior has amounted into putting him behind the bars but Mickky hardly seems to care about all that. Mr. Pacheco had recently severed the jail term in the case of threatening and assaulting the government officer on duty and yet in another recent case he again did not remain behind threatening to the official on duty.

According to the sources, Mr. Mickky, alias Francisco Xavier Pacheco, had abused one of an election official on duty with filthy language, the officer was discharging his duty when this incident took place. The Colva police have registered a complaint against Mr. Pacheco and booked him under the various sections of threatening and abusing the government servant on duty.

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The sources said that the incident took place on Friday at 1.30am when Mr. Pacheco along with his buddy Mathew Diniz was sitting at a restaurant in Colva and both were consuming the liquor. The officer concerned on election duty entered the restaurant premises and stopped them from drinking. According to the sources, that was the instance when Mr. Pacheco and Diniz become annoyed with the officer and threatened him with an abusive language.

The sources have said that the officer concern Mr. Ajay Gawade was a returning officer of Benaulim Constituency and he was on the election duty when he caught Mr. Pacheco and Diniz consuming the liquor at the shack restaurant situated in Colva. According to the rules, the consumption of liquor is banned during the dry days and the officers have clear instructions to keep a vigil on the same.


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According to the sources, the complaint in this regards had been filed by the in charge of flying squad for Benaulim Constituency, Mr. Subhash Kalangutkar. In his complaint lodged at the Colva police station, Mr. Kalangutkar had stated that Mr. Mickky Pacheco along with his friend Diniz was having liquor at a Bar and Restaurant in Colva at around 1.30am on Friday when the incident of verbal abuse took place. The complaint further states that Mr. Gaude along with other officials reached the spot and asked them (Pacheco and Diniz) to stop drinking and in return, they allegedly abused Gaude with filthy language.

According to the sources, this is not the first case of Mr. Pacheco and Diniz getting involved into the verbal scuffle with others and use of abusive language and threats. Earlier also both of them were booked by the Colva police under “Casino Assault Case” where later they were granted the conditional bail. The case is still going on.

This Mickky has contested the election this time on the Su-Raj Party’s ticket and he is confident enough to win this time with maximum votes. Nevertheless, the future Mickky’s political career will depend on the results which will be announced on 11th of March but presently it looks like Mickky may not have an easy escape this time from the case of threatening and using abusive language on the government official while discharging his duties. 


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