One Crushed to Death by Mining Truck in Curchorem Goa – Watch the Video Here

In one of the most tragic incidents that took place on Monday afternoon in Curchorem, the rash and negligent mining truck driver ran over a 50-year-old scooterist crushing him to death. The video uploaded by one of the social activists on the social media shows the clear-cut mistake of the truck driver that caused the death of innocent scooterist.

According to the sources, the indent took place on the Monday at around 12.30pm. A 50-year-old scooterist, Gopi was traveling towards Curchorem Market on his two-wheeler. The Mining truck was also proceeding in the same direction. The incident occurred when the truck driver tried to overtake the scooterist in a rash and negligent manner due to which the scooterist dashed against the truck and came under the rear wheels.

The scooterist died on the spot while the mining truck ran over him. The video shows the clear cut mistake of the truck driver as the scooterist can be seen traveling on the left side and the truck tried to overtake him from the right side. It looks like the truck driver did not realize that his truck came too close to the two wheeler and the scooterist did not get time to escape the brush with a truck and fell on the road along with his two-wheeler.

After the accident, the villagers gathered on the road and demanded the immediate suspension of mining trucks on the main road. The people of Curchorem has been demanding the separate bypass for the mining trucks for the several years now but the ruling government has not taken any cognisance of the same. People are also blaming the local MLA for the incident since the demands of the locals were not met for so many years.   


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