Nude Party Poster Goes Viral on Social Media, Goa Police Begins Investigation

There is no doubt that Goa is known for the parties and nightlife and there supposed to be the Nude beaches which have now ceased to exist, except in the stories. But the recent poster of a Nude Party advertisement went viral on the social media and it posed the challenge in front of Goa police. There is no clue as who dared to do such publicity despite the fact that no such thing either exits or allowed in the state of Goa. 

The news of the Nude Party had been carried out by most of the newspapers in the state across the country. According to the Jansatta they have carried the story with the question mark “is Goa Hosting Nude Party?” The viral news of the Nude Party has created a huge commotion amongst the locals as well as the police and police have informed that they will not allow any such incident to take place in Goa. If that so then the question still remains as who and why posted such advertisement on the social media.

The social media post also carries the mobile number of the person who had supposedly posted the news on the social media and following the post appeared on some of the well-known media the Goa Police swung into action and tried to trace the mobile but in vain.

According to the CANINDIA website, the Chief Minister’s Office on Monday directed the Crime Branch of the Goa Police to probe the contents of the posters which have gone viral on social media.


“No offense has been registered yet, but we have started a preliminary probe. There is no date advertised on the poster and only one contact number. We are tracking the identity details of the person who owns the phone number,” a Crime Branch official said on condition of anonymity. The official was also unwilling to rule out that the two posters could possibly be a social media prank.

Two racy posters circulating on Social media since Monday morning, advertising a “nude” party involving foreign and Indian women and promising “unlimited sex” near Morjim Beach in North Goa, has led to a police investigation.

Attempts to contact Superintendent of Police (Crime) Pankaj Kumar Singh, proved futile as the officer was not taking calls on his official cell phone number, but an officer working under him said no offence had been registered yet on the basis of the poster. The officials tried contacting the person on the phone number mentioned but the number was switched off. The officials also do not rule out the fact that it could be a Social media prank.

Another senior police official said it was unusual that such a digital poster was so open in canvassing for a nude party, hinting at the fact that it could possibly be a prank on social media. The officer said it could also be the case of tarnishing the image of the person whose phone number is provided in the digital poster.   

Netizens expressed their disgust over the poster. The Congress while demanding a probe said that Goa was being transformed from a sin city due to casinos into a “living hell”.

“The Congress has been saying that Goa has been reduced to a sin city due to casinos. Now with activities like those advertised in the posters, we appear to be in a living hell,” Congress spokesperson Trajano D’Mello said.

Goa Mahila Congress Chief Pratima Coutinho stated that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar should intervene immediately and must ensure that such anti social activities do not take place.

Meanwhile, in Morjim, residents, and locals have expressed their outrage and disgust at the poster.  The Village Sarpanch Vaishali Shetgaonkar expressed her ire against the poster and warned that no such events will be tolerated in any part of the village. She warned that those who are organizing such vulgar and obnoxious events will face strict action.

The politicians and police must be vigilant to see that such events are not held or even advertised on social media. Netizens too should be on the lookout to see if any such posters are put on any social networking site and bring it to the notice of the authorities.

Source: Various Sources

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