Konkani Film Title HANV ANI TU Launched ON July 11 at Sol De Goa

It was the glittering evening at SOL DE GOA with prominent personalities from press and digital media gathered to witness the launch of Konkani film title “HANV ANI TU” on July 11, 2015. According to the information given by the producer Ms. Kavitha Perpetual to Goa Prism in an exclusive interview with the editor of the online magazine, the entire film will be shot in Goa, Munnar and some parts of Maharashtra which will began in the first week of August 2015 and will be completed in a very tight schedule of 40 days. The film is written and directed by Mr. Britto and produced by Risen Media.

The film portrays the light hearted love story which according to the producer everyone probably goes through this phase at least once in their lives and hence it relates to each of us. The story revolves around the young couple who is childhood friends and is separated by the prevailing situation which drifted them apart in different locations only to become strangers when they meet years later. The songs of the film portray Goan culture and the story depicts rich traditions of Goa. It takes you back into the time when people used to live in love and harmony in Goa.

According the producers the film production will be using latest techniques followed by the Bollywood film makers, from latest equipments to advanced techniques which will enhance the beauty of Goa in multifold. The film has total five songs and filmmakers are in process of perusing Remo Fernandes for creating the background music of the film. The dance sequence of the film will be choreographed by Narendra Prasad who is the younger brother of renowned dancer & choreographer, director Pradhudeva.

About Risen Media works


Risen MediaWorks is a media and entertainment company, the founders of which have been working with the film and television industry for over 15 years. Director of the film Mr. Britto, has been based in Goa for the last 20 years and has a vast experience working with some of the best known names in Hindi, Tamil and Kannada film and television industry. He is proud to be directing his first Konkani venture and feels there is so much to be explored in terms of film making in Konkani. Britto is of the opinion that Konkani films are definitely improving and the industry is growing by the day. He feels that when we can watch a Tamil, Telugu or a Kannada film dubbed in Hindi, why wouldn’t the audience watch a Konkani film dubbed in other languages. And so, he plans to dub this film in Kannada and Tamil. Risen Media Works aims at building the trust in people so that they are attracted to Konkani films. The team firmly believes that Konkani cinema can move forward if we make films that have a powerful story, strong acting and which are also technically very strong. Along with good cinematography, good editing, good music also is a must.


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