This is not the first incident in which the so called Godman had been accused of having sexually exploiting a woman. There are hundreds of such cases exists in our country. The case of Asaram Bapu is already quite infamous as how he and his son had exploited the small children in his Ashram. In this case, the Godman had to pay off his misdeeds with his genitals. According to the sources, a 23-year-old woman from Kerala had chopped off the genital of a godman on Friday night for sexually exploiting her for several years.

According to the reports published in the Deccan Chronicles, In the act of self-defence, a 23-year-old woman had chopped off the Godman’s penis on Friday. According to the reports, the Godman was supposedly assaulting her sexually for several years. “The accused Sreehari alias Ganeshananda Theerthapada Swami, a 54-year-old ‘swami’ used to sexually exploit her on multiple times since her high school days.” said the sources.

The sources further said that the victim’s parents are the disciples of the swami who belongs to an ashram in Padmana in Kollam, Kerala and due to which he could take advantage of the girl and sexually exploited her on several times from her college days. According to the reports, after she committed the act of chopping off the Swami’s Penis she herself called to the Thiruvananthapuram police and informed them about the incident. She also confessed that she had done so as an act of vengeance and in self-defence to the swami’s actions.

The reports stated that the Swami is in critical condition and had been shifted to the Medical College hospital on Saturday around 12:30 am. The incident reportedly happened on Friday at 11:30 pm, according to the police. “She knew that no one would believe her if she said she had been sexually assaulted by a man of god. So, this was perhaps the only thing she could think of,” the Circle inspector of Pettai station in Thiruvananthapuram said.

Meanwhile, the medical college sources have revealed that the accused is presently out of danger and the victim women have been taken to the government shelter. The press statement further was quoted as stating, “A 54-year-old man from Kollam was admitted at 12.39 am to the hospital on Saturday. His penis had been cut (90%) and was hanging precariously. There was no way it could be stitched back. Plastic surgeons, who are urology experts in the hospital, did an emergency surgery to stop the blood loss and to enable him to pass urine.”

According to the statement of a victim, her mother is also involved in this crime as she was aware of the fact that Swami is sexually exploiting her and that the Swami had repeatedly assaulted her at her place and being aware of the Swami’s arrival on the Friday night the victim kept the knife with her to chop off his genitals.         

A case has been registered against the swami under IPC section 376 (rape) and under sections of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO). “Case had been filed under POCSO as the assault and rape seem to have started when she was a minor,” police were quoted as saying. The sources have further stated that the girl’s act is eerily similar to a Malayalam movie sequence called 22 Female Kottayam where the heroine apparently castrates the hero for betraying her. This case will lead to set up an example for such kind people especially the Godmen who takes the advantage of their position. Please do leave your valuable comments on this serious issue.



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