Kanpur Train Accident – Only 10 passengers out of hundreds killed in accident Eligible for Insurance Money

The Kanpur Train accident was one of the most heartbreaking events that took place recently. It was the complete mistake of the railway authorities and government who showed negligence in mainlining the railway tracks and keeping them fit. According to the records, several hundreds of people either lost their lives or became crippled permanently in this accident. The Indian Prime Minister and other Ministers immediately announced huge compensation to the deceased and injured passengers. But now it looks like as if that was the act of eyewash of the people. The new developments suggest that only 10 out of the several hundreds of people will get the insurance money.

Based on the available information from the reliable sources, according to the railway authorities it is either the negligence from the side of passenger or their travel agents who did not suggest them to make proper travel insurance due to which several hundreds of people involved in the accident have lost their rights to claim the compensation from the railway insurance. It is very tough time for the families of the deceased as well as seriously injured to deal with stringent insurance formalities at this stage.

The families of the deceased and seriously injured is already going through a lot of hardships and in such condition, the closing of the doors of insurance companies on them is a completely inhuman act. The accident supposes to have taken place due to the negligence of railway staff and the Government is equality responsible for the same.

In the accident almost 150 people lost their lives and more than 200 hundred injured seriously. The railway records reveal that total 695 passengers were traveling in the Indore-Patna Express which met with the accident near Kanpur. Out of total 695 passengers, only 128 had opted for insurance and 51 have canceled their tickets this sums up to 77 passengers are eligible for the insurance as per the railway records.

The railway’s department now raising the queries over other issues which include the wrong information filled by passengers in the insurance forms. Meanwhile, the railway department is not ruling out the possibilities of wrong information might have filled up by the ticketing agents but the same is not the concern of insurance companies claims the sources.     


The railway authorities now claim that they have sent the SMS and emails to the records mentioned in the forms but the same have been returned unanswered. The families of the passengers who had not registered the name of the nominee will now have to apply for and get a certificate as the official document with which they will be able to claim and receive the insurance payout. This is a longer process and is expected to take some time to transfer the money.

This is a good example for the others who is traveling by train in the future to make are that, while booking the tickets on IRCTC portal you must click YES button to get the insurance cover. Otherwise, government and railway authorities will not be responsible in the event of accidents takes place. 


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