Now pay Rs. 1000 penalty for spitting or smoking in Panaji Market

The clean city and green city Mantra is apparently transforming into the reality with the efforts of Panaji city Mayor Mr. Surendra Furtado. According to sources, In a bid to curb the spitting and smoking in the municipal market premises the corporation of the city of Panaji has appointed four ex-servicemen to penalize the offenders.  

The Mayor of the city of the corporation of Panaji Mr. Surendra Furtado has finally taken a bold  decision by implementing the spitting and smoking ban in Panaji market complex. The affair of spitting in Panaji market is a serious issue which is faced by everyone since the new market complex came into existence. But nobody has done anything till date.

According to the sources in Panaji Municipality, in a way to curb the spitting and smoking in Panaji Municipal Market premises, the CCP (the corporation of the city of Panaji) appointed four ex-servicemen to keep a watch on the violators and penalize them as per  the rule. “Four ex-servicemen from the Rajya Sainik Board have been appointed to watch and prevent people from dirtying the market,” mayor Surendra Furtado said.

The CCP has also decided to penalize the people who write on walls or paste the stickers across the walls in market premises. The Panaji market has also been put under closed circuit television surveillance to deter the habitual offenders.         

The CCP has also put up several posters across the market premises to caution the locals and vendors, said the sources. Meanwhile when Goa Prism contacted the Panaji mayor over the phone to find out if this rule is limited to Panaji Market or it will be implemented in the rest of the Panaji, he said: “At present only in Panaji market.”


Although the rule is applicable presently only in the market premises but with the efforts of Mayor of CCP it will soon spread across the Panaji city and hopefully, very soon we will be able to see the “Clean and Green Panaji”   


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