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Nine High Profile Men Booked On The Charges of Rape and Molestation of Model

When the high profile people have involved in the crime, police always takes back seat and do the investigation at their own speed and something

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Rape Case of Model in Mumbai
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When the high profile people have involved in the crime, police always takes back seat and do the investigation at their own speed and something similar seems to have happened in the case of 9 well connected and high profile people who have been charged for the rape and molestation by a model turned independent artist. 

According to the report, the FIR was filed by the model and artist, it has been alleged that she was raped, and sexually abused by the Bollywood photographer Colston Julian, Kwan Entertainment founder Anirban Blah, actor Jackky Bhagnani, Krishan Kumar of the T-series. 

The Mumbai police have finally booked the accused on the charges of rape and molestation but after the said model had approached Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Zone X in Andheri East on May 10 where she submitted a 13-page complaint letter naming celebrity photographer Colston Julian and others as accused. mid-day had published a report on the same on May 11.

Bandra police have filed an FIR in connection with a complaint of rape and molestation filed earlier this month by a model-turned-independent artist and songwriter. They have booked nine high-profile people in the case.

Bollywood photographer Colston Julian, founder of talent management company Kwan Entertainment Anirban Blah, actor Jackky Bhagnani and Krishan Kumar of T-series are among the accused named in the FIR.

“I was called to Andheri police station and my statement was recorded on May 18 but the FIR was not registered,” the model artist told Mid-Day, adding that “Police have registered an FIR after so many days of submitting my complaint letter against the high-profile people, but none of them have been arrested yet.”

An officer from Andheri police said, “The complainant has accused many people of raping and molesting her at different locations in Mumbai and other states. She also claims to have been sexually abused abroad.

“But most of the sexual harassment incidents, according to her complaint letter, have taken place in Bandra West. So after recording her statement at Andheri police station, we have sent the details to Zone IX in Bandra for further action.”

According to the victim model, she had been undergoing torture and sexual abuse since 2012 which continued till 2019 but she could not gather the courage to go to the police since they are all influential people. “I could not muster the courage to approach the police as the accused are influential. I thought of continuing my work but when I started to raise my voice against their misconduct, the group of harassers started to malign me,” she said adding that They tarnished her image in Bollywood due to which she stopped getting good assignments. “I slipped into depression,” she added.

According to the victim model, one of the accused spiked her drink with cocaine at a party and sexually abused her when she was high. “Some of them also molested me and whenever I tried to raise my voice, these people would gang up and in some cases, I had to partially succumb and allow them to sexually abuse me,” she said. 

According to her, the death threats started after she uploaded a copy of her statement on Instagram. One accused also sent her a legal notice. “The gang is digging out my details from my hometown, Lucknow,” she added.

With the inputs from the Mid Day 

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