I will quit if Congress allegations proved says Michael Lobo

Now we have one more politician in the fray of quitting the portfolio challenge besides Dhavalikar brothers. Recently, the chairman of NGPDA (North Goa Planning and Development Authority) Michael Lobo has quoted that “He will quit if allegations of any fields converted into settlement zone as alleged by Congress spokesperson Sunil Kawthankar are proved”. He was addressing the media on Tuesday evening at NGPDA office. When media questioned Lobo, he refuted the allegations made my Khavatankar of Taleigao ODP has kept open for suggestions for the benefits of builders, he also added that it is the right of authority to keep the plans open for public suggestions and objections in the interest of public.

Challenging the congress allegations Lobo said, “We have kept Taleigao ODP open for suggestions and objections after nine years as we were told that a lot of paddy fields were converted into settlement zone but if proved I am ready to quit the post as NGPDA chairman.” He further added that “There are many errors in the ODP some done intentionally and some unintentionally. All village roads are 8-10 metres wide and we propose to make roads 15 mtrs wide but without touching anybody’s house. Width of internal village roads will be increased from three metres to six metres and we have to make sure that at least two four-wheelers pass by easily.”

He also presented the example of Calangute where the width of the road have been made excess “In Calangute we are trying to cut down the width of road from 25 metres to 15 metres but right now we have smaller roads and what roads ODP is showing were all built and I am trying to rectify them. We require lot of space for Sewerage Treatment Plant and parking lots near the church and temple.” He added. He also pointed out that most spaces in Calangute and Candolim have been encroached by the hoteliers and there is very little space available which needs to be identified and marked for the parking and building market complex. He claimed that plans made by BJP are very transparent; he said that if NGPDA gets order to keep open Panaji ODP, he will do it.

He denied the allegation of congress that Third front is a master plan of BJP saying that there is no question of forming third front. He rebut the allegations saying that people within the congress party are trying to form third front as they are unhappy about the functioning of their party, hence instead of leveling allegations it will better for Congress to put their own house in order. Lobo alleged that Goa Congress has turned toothless due to internal fissures.


Source: NT

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