Another Degree Scam, Now Parulekar found faking degree

Faking degree has become talk of the town in the state of Goa with every other day news of a fake “DEGREE SCAM” coming to the light. According to the news published by the local daily “After PWD Minister Ramkrishna ‘Sudin’ Dhavalikar, it is now tourism minister Dilip Parulekar who is facing questions about his highest educational qualification in two sworn election affidavits”. The Saligao MLA had declared his educational qualification as BCom for the 2007 assembly polls. Five years later, for the 2012 assembly elections, the qualification had dropped to HSSC. Bringing the affidavits to light on Tuesday, social activist Aires Rodrigues demanded Parulekar’s immediate resignation for “high-handedly and malafidely” lying under oath.

But here the faking about the degree is not alone the major issue, but the lying on the oath is. As the deputy CM of Goa Francis D’souza said on Tuesday that “When you don’t require educational qualifications to be an elected representative why give a qualification that is not correct? One has to be very careful while making statements under oath. An oath is sacred. One shouldn’t provide false information even by mistake.” According to Mr. D’souza one doesn’t need to have a degree to become a public representative.  “One also doesn’t require educational qualifications to be an elected representative. You can have zero standards (qualification) and still become an elected representative and my (Indian) Constitution allows it.” Said D’souza, he was talking to the media over the degree issue of Sudin Dhavalikar.

Now coming back to the degree issue of Dilip Parulekar, who has accepted that his educational qualification is just HSSC and he is not graduate of the commerce faculty as stated by him in the 2007 affidavit, and that was just a typo error which was rectified in the 2012 elections. He also refuted all the allegations made by the social activist Adv. Aires Rodrigues in regards to the document submitted to the election commission while filing the nominations in 2007 & 2012 assembly elections respectively. “People are being misled by Rodrigues,” he said. Parulear also informed that in year 2008, a person called Joaquim Dias had lodged the complained about the same and case was heard by the District Returning Officer (DRO) which went on for seven-eight months at the end only to get dismissed by settling the matter in his favour. Parulekar said that he has not fooled anyone, including his voters, and can prove his side before any legal forum.

Meanwhile the social activist Adv. Aires Rodrigues kept his stand firm by stating that information obtained by him under the RTI Act, shows that Parulekar has lied in his 2007 affidavit stating that he had cleared the DCom from Goa University in 1988 while his second affidavit for the 2012 assembly election revealed his educational qualification is just HSSC pass from Goa Board in 1985. According to the information obtained by Rodrigues from the Assagao-based Dnyanprassarak Mandal’s College showed that Parulekar had enrolled at the institute for the first year undergraduate commerce course during the academic year 1985-86 and was declared failed in that year as well as the subsequent academic year of 1986-87. He was not a student of the institute in 1987-88, the information stated. Maintaining that the declaration filed by the Minister on affidavit is false and misleading this is serious offence “If Parulekar does not resign, he should be sacked by (chief minister Laxmikant) Parsekar to ensure probity in public life, in keeping with this government’s much-publicized mantra of ‘zero tolerance to corruption’.” Said Adv. Aires.


Meanwhile Parulekar has maintained that he has not done any illegal activity, the case was filed in the earlier matter and the same was won by him, while Adv. Aires has maintained that Parulekar has lied on oath saying that “I will move a private criminal suit against Parulekar for having intentionally filed false and misleading affidavits. But at the same time an equal opportunity will be given to the Chief Minister to hold a preliminary enquiry.” Now only time will decide the fate of each person involved into the “DEGREE SCAM” meanwhile we can just wait and watch and may be write our suggestions and comments on this game of fake degree issue.

Source: Various Sources

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