How to talk to your children about the rape

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The term rape is becoming more common in today’s society as one can literally witness the news on everyday basis in most of the newspapers and digital media. Working women being molested, little girls being raped this thing is becoming challenging if you have small children as how to answer their questions and how to make them aware about this society evil. According to the author one must understand that Rape is not limited to any gender or sexualities and one also need to understand what is RAPE is all about and why does that happens in first place, before you explain that to your small children.

First thing is sex is not limited to any gender and sexuality and it is not about the sex alone but it is about the power “The men who raped a 70-year old nun in Ranaghat, West Bengal, earlier this year did so not because they could not withstand her sexual appeal; no, they raped her because they wanted to hurt her and all that she stood for”. This is cruel example of exhibiting the power and taking revenge. So teach the children about the unending cycle that violence creates and teach them that it ends nowhere.

As far as the small children are concerned, they usually face the sexual abuse which may lead to the rape. Again here these abuse is faced by the both the gender in children. Here the any boy is at same as any little girl would be. Since you cannot their by the side of their children all the time, you must explain them that nobody can touch them and nor they can touch anybody without the explicit consent regardless of just a friendly pat on the hear or far more, if they don’t like it, they have right to say “NO” and if they don’t like it they must come out and tell you about it as soon as possible.

Children does understand the meaning of consent, so you have to remind them that they have respect someone else’s physical space and also demand the same for themselves. Children are not too young to consider the implication of anything, especially young ones whose mothers are still firmly at the centre of their universe.


Above the all you must help your children to understand that there is never any justification for the sexual violence, that nobody can ever asks for it.

News Source: Indian Express

Original Author: Sunayana Roy

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