It is very much evident that there exists the corruption in all the departments in the state perhaps the most vulnerable to this could be the electricity department of Goa. Although people overlook the corruption that is taking place in the Electricity department, that is the one department which has the maximum revenue pilferage due to the high level of corruption.

In one of the latest expose on the social media about one of the officer (JE – Junior Engineer) attached to the Electricity Department in South Goa had been caught red-handed in the lens of a camera accepting Rs. 3000 bribe from the consumer. The concerned officer demanded and took the money for installation of the meter and laying of the wire for the consumer who recorded the entire episode on his mobile camera.

According to the sources, the unearthing of a high voltage corruption in the electricity department had lead to malign the image of BJP government’s zero tolerance to the corruption propaganda. It also sends the message across, whether the government servants under the BJP Raj are scared of doing the corruption? or they are the approved agents of the politicians?


When BJP formed a coalition government, it promised the people of Goa that they will give the transparent and corruption free governance with ZERO tolerance to the corrupt practices, but taking into the consideration the rampant corruption cases that are coming up in the media, the promise of zero tolerance to corruption looks like a simple eyewash.

The video clip shows how one of the officer (JE) in the electricity department in South Goa is extracting money from the consumer under the pretext of carrying out the installation work. The video clip was recorded and posted by one Vishwanath G Bhat on the social media exposing the existence of the high-level corruption in the Vasco Cortalim area.   

Take a look at the existence of a high-level corruption in the electricity department in the words of Vishwanath Bhat himself.

“I had gone to collect the information about the requirement of documents for the electricity connection and expenses to be incurred for the same. At that time he (JE) told me to bring all the documents to him so he can check and bring Rs12000 as fees of connection. When I went to meet him along with all the documents and cash Rs 12000, he told to give Rs 15000, but I gave him Rs 12000 after he told me that everything required for the connection, like meter, pole, wires etc will be included in this Rs 15000, but after another day he told me to buy poll and wire etc.”

“After few days he gave me the connection, and later he started calling me relentlessly on my cell phone demanding more money from me as the money which I gave earlier was not enough. When I went to meet him in his office, he asked for more Rs 3000, but I did not have Rs. 3000 at that time, so I gave him Rs 2000 and he is said to give him Rs. 1000 afterward. This made me recorded the  entire conversation on my cell phone.”

According to Bhat, the JE extracted Rs. 18,000 from him while he issued the receipt of only Rs. 5762 which includes the total cost of electricity connection including the demand draft. This shows the level of corruption which exists in the electricity department of Goa. This one is exposed by the vigilant consumer, but there are hundreds of such cases that does not get reported in the media at all, what about them?

What do you think about this? Do you think that BJP government is really having the so-called ZERO tolerance towards the corruption? Please do share your valuable feedback on this serious issue and if you have any such experience please do share with us along with your details at [email protected] and we assure you to expose the same in the media.



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