Government will allow marinas only after getting NOCs: Laxmikant Parsekar

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Marina is another milking cow for the government coffers following the flourishing casino business in Goa. The recent announcement of setting up more casinos in north Goa is the perfect example of this. Though it is not the hidden fact any more that the flourishing of these businesses is not possible without the blessings from the competent authorities which operates under the guidance of Goa government.

On Sunday Chief Minister had clarified that marinas will be allowed in Goa only if they get the clearances from all the concerned authorities including Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) & Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) “The Goa Investment Promotion Board had received two proposals for setting up of marinas, and in principle, we agreed to give them permission But, they are subject to getting no objection certificates (NOCs) from various concerned departments,” Said Parsekar

The safety of environment is the priority and project will not be allowed to hamper the environment and ecology of the state in exchange for employment “We need jobs, but not at the cost of the environment,” he said.

One of the leading daily of Goa in its Sunday revision edition had reported as how the marina would affect the Zuari bay The report stated that the habitats of ecologically sensitive species would be destroyed and certain species such as window pane oysters would be extinct. Besides, while the marinas are being constructed, fish exposed to high turbidity would suffocate as sediment would clog their gills. Loss of dominant assemblages would exert a negative impact on the local fishery. The National Institute of Oceanography, too, arrived at the same conclusion. The report also highlighted the marina proponents’ stance that the projects merited approval on economic grounds, one of which was the creation of jobs. (Report by Herald Sunday Edition)


According to the available information the Goa State Pollution Control Board has already rejected the proposal to set up the marinas in Salcoale based on the Goa Bio Diversity Board’s report in October 2014. The board was of the opinion that the project would cause “irreparable ecological damage to the fragile marine eco-system and such a project is detrimental to the biological endowments of the Sancoale bay.”

Parsekar has disapproved the allegation of congress that the government was issuing more licenses to casinos to operate in the state. He said there was no question of new casinos in Goa; he hadn’t even received any file from a casino owner requesting permission.

News Source : Herald Daily Goa

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