The story of the involvement of, one of the Goan cabinet minister, into the alleged sex scandal, started with one WhatsApp message, that went viral across the state, so much so that it reached to the top politicians and national media. Nobody knows the truth behind the alleged sex scandal, which involves the WRD Minister and MLA of Siolim Constituency Vinod Palyekar unless until the social activist from Goa comes in open with the evidence he claims to have in his possession…

According to the sources, an appointment of the Goa Governor had been sought by the social activist, who made a claim in the social media about having the evidence of sex scandal involving the Fisheries and WRD Minister Vinod Palyekar, by sending the WhatsApp message to several numbers in his contact list. The message says that the video clip of the fisheries minister having sex with the lady from his own constituency has been surfaced and it is in his possession. He also said that he had sought the meeting with the Goa Governor Mrudula Sinha for showing her this video clip so that strict action could be taken against the minister.

The sensational revelation of an alleged sex scandal involving the Goa’s fisheries minister send the shocking waves into the political circle of Goa, and the Goa Forward Party supremo, Vijai Sardesai has made the statement in the media that he will file the defamation case against the social activist who made this message viral on the social media and claimed to have the video footage in his possession.


Meanwhile, the speculations of the involvement of drug mafia into this case have been surfaced in the media. The reports published by the TimesNowNews says that “Not denying of him being in the video, the minister, as well as Goa Forward Party chief Vijai Sardesai, have said the controversy is being created because the activist intends to malign the minister’s image and that he has taken a supari from the local drug lobby to counter the minister’s vehement opposition to the drug cartels and drug mafia.”

It may be recalled that the recent raids on the famous party joints in the Anjuna have surfaced the involvement of drug mafia in Goa and the same WRD minister Mr. Vinod Palyekar who was instrumental in the raids had warned the drugs lobby that he will not spare anyone. According to the reports, the most talked about video of the alleged sex scandal will be released to the media by the social activist after the meeting with the Goa Governor who is presently out of the state.

Now looking at this situation it looks like both the parties are confident enough of their status, otherwise one would not talk about filing the defamation case against the other. But, now we have no other option but to wait and watch what happens once the Social Activist meets the Goa Governor. What is your opinion on this? Please do share your honest comments on this serious issue.


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