In one of the most shocking incident, that took place in Mapusa on Thursday, a customs official have committed suicide putting everyone in the state of shock. Nobody knows as for why suddenly he had taken such a drastic step. His death surrounds the mystery. What could be the reason behind 54-year-old’s untimely death, and who is responsible?

Many government officials committing Suicide in the state is not a new story, and this is not the first case of suicide which supposed to have taken place under some kind of pressure and actual reason of their death went with them. The incident of suicide took place in Ansabhat at Mapusa in North Goa. A 54-year-old Customs Superintendent, Vivekanand Naik killed himself in the closed house in Ansabhat Mapusa which is just a few meters away from his own residence, said the sources. The incident of suicide took place on Thursday.

Mapusa police did the Panchanama on his dead body and given the certificate of unnatural death with the remarks that reason behind the death is not known. “We have found the note possibly written by the deceased which says “I AM GOING, SORRY”, stated the police officer to the media.

This is not the first case of suicide involving the police officer in the state, a few months back one constable’s body was found lying in the compound of a School. Police termed it suicide and till date, there is no breakthrough in that case.

The deceased Naik is survived by his wife and two kids. The sources have said that the incident was brought to light at around 7.45am on Thursday. After a panchnama was conducted, Naik’s body was sent to the GMC, Bambolim, for a postmortem examination. He was cremated the same evening.


Some of the inside sources close to the deceased have revealed that they could not believe he would commit suicide, and everybody is in the state of shock. The sources said that they found him unreasonably quiet for last few days and that he was with friends couple of hours before the incident took place, what could have gone wrong with him, that he had to take such drastic step, still remains the mystery.

The police will do their job, and a file will be closed after few attempts to solve the case, like it must have happened in many such cases, that remained unsolved forever. There is a need for transparent investigation in such cases. Please leave your honest comments on this serious issue.


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