Goa Police Cracks The Velsao Murder Case; Arrested 4 Assamese For Murdering 25-Year-Old

Velsao Murder Case
Velsao Murder Case, Police Arrested 4 Assamese

The dead body of a 25-Year-Old was recovered from the bushes at Velsao beach in south Goa on a Sunday evening and the Goa Police managed to crack the case within no time and arrested 4 accused, all non Goans involved in the gruesome murder. 

According to the reports, A dead body of an unknown male was found in the bushes along the last end of Velsao Beach at Dando on Sunday evening. The body was lying in the pool of blood only in undergarments and the head of the victim was smashed to hide his identity. 

Initially, the police had no clues about the identity of the deceased till late in the evening and they were not even aware if the said youth is a local or a migrant.   

The Verna police investigating this matter said that they have identified the body of the 25-year-old youth as Khegan Nath, a migrant laborer from Assam. they also did not rule out the possibility of foul play which resulted in the murder of the 25-year-old youth. 

According to sources, the Verna police received a call from locals at around 5.30 pm about the dead body and immediately rushed to the site with sniffer dogs. 

South Goa SP Pankaj Kumar Singh reached the spot while the DySP Mormugao Raju Raut Desai, Vasco PI Nilesh Rane, Mormugao PI Paresh Naik, Airport PI Gurudas Kadam, and Verna PI Sharif Jacques were also present at the site. 

According to the locals, the reason behind the death was an outcome of a scuffle following the consumption of Alcohol because there were two empty bottles of Cashew feni found near the dead body. 

Following the lead, Verna Police managed to track down the 4 accused, all residents of Assam, and arrested them on a Monday Evening from Margao Railway station. The Verna police revealed the identities of the accused as Dulal Das (27), Manash Nath (25), Manash Das (25), and Ridip Das (23) all from Sonitpur, Assam was arrested in connection with the murder  

According to the police report, all five migrant youths were known to each other and belong to the same district in Assam. “They had come down to Goa in a search of employment and on the fateful day they all went to Velsao beach for a picnic and after having drinks they entered into a brawl which resulted in the murder of 25-year-old Khegan Nath,” said the police sources. 

Meanwhile, Velsao Sarpanch Henriques D’Mello has demanded intensified police patrolling in the area. “There is a need for intensifying police patrolling in the area because several people arrive and create nuisance which can lead to such incidents while also disturbing the fishermen community in the area,” said D’Mello.

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