While Congress Is Busy Challenging BJP for the Floor Test, Two Of their MLAs Have Decided to Travel Abroad. The game of politics is becoming more interesting in the state as Congress party leaders are challenging the BJP to face the floor test while two of their legislators have gone abroad. According to reports, two of the Congress legislators, Jenifer Monseratte and Felipe Neri Rodrigues have left for China and Europe respectively amidst political uncertainty in the state. Does this mean something fishy or is it a usual trip? Speculations seem to have no boundaries.

The Congress legislatures along with the party president Babu Kavlekar and Digamber Kamat have taken a morcha to Raj Bhavan demanding immediate suspension of the BJP government in the state allowing them to form the next government. They have challenged the BJP to face the floor test or allow Congress to form the next government in the state. Congress claims to have the support of 21 MLAs and they are ready to for the government anytime, but to their surprise, two of their MLAs have left the country during this period of crisis.

The surprise is not new for the Congress party in the state and that is the reason they could not manage to form the government despite having the majority in the last election, and this time too, the case may not be different.

According to the reports, out of 16 legislators, 2 have left for abroad, bringing their numbers down to 14. This is a clear indication of the tyranny within the political party and shows the possibility of few Congress leaders to take a backdoor entry into the ruling BJP party.


Sources in the political circle have revealed that the traveling of Congress legislature during the crisis is not a coincidence but a pre-planned move to defeat the Congress in their own game.

Meanwhile, to regain the confidence of the party workers and MLAs the state Congress president Mr. Girish Chodankar issued a statement in the press saying that the trips of Monseratte and Rodrigues is pre-planned. “Rodrigues and Monserrate have gone out of the station with the knowledge of the party as per pre-scheduled programmes. They will be in Goa within 48-hours notice whenever the party needs them.” 

According to the reports, presently Congress is the single largest party in the state with 16 MLAs while BJP has only 14 seats in the 40 member assembly. But with the support of 3 Goa Forward, 2 MGP and 1 independent MLA, the BJP managed to form the government in the state.   

However, the ill health of CM Parrikar and two more MLAs have weakened the position of the ruling party in the state. It is clear that Mr. Parrikar is unable to continue as CM of Goa but at the same time, BJP has not been able to develop a second leader in the state due to which political instability has covered the state.

The center has failed to give a capable CM to the state in the absence of Mr. Parrikar, and the allies are not ready to accept anybody else’s command over them. Under such circumstances, the only option that remains is the political instability. Two more ministers are unwell – Mr. Francis D’souza who is undergoing medical treatment for cancer while Mr. Pandurang Madkaikar is bed-ridden following a brain stroke in Mumbai.

Presently, Goa is undergoing a huge political disparity and prolonged state of the same will make the state sicker. According to sources, the only solution to this situation is strong leadership which is presently lacking in both ruling and opposition parties. Under such circumstances what will be the best solution? If you have any suggestions please do share with us.       

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