Goa government bans over 500 mining trucks for violations


After the recent accident at Tilamol in Quepem, which killed two ladies traveling on a two-wheeler, people of Goa has become very irritated with the truck operators and they demanded the complete shutdown of mining trucks in the south. Probably government has heard the voice of people and decided to ban over 500 mining trucks that were found indulging into the various violations. Read the complete news here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the sources, Goa government took the decision of banning over 500 trucks, transporting the iron ore from mining sites to Jetties on the issue of their regular violations of speed limits and rash driving. The Directorate of Mines and Geology has already issued the suspension of work orders to 538 trucks spread across the mining belt of Goa after public protests over speeding trucks.

According to the sources, the government forced to take this decision in the favor of innocent people getting killed in the accidents due to the speeding mining trucks. The major reason behind this is, of course, the accident that took place at Tilamol junction in Quepm Taluka.

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According to the sources, the director of Mines and Geology, Prasanna Acharya gave the clarification on this issue saying that they have already detected the violators through GPS tracking system. “We have noticed that several trucks are exceeding the maximum speed limit, which is 40 kilometer per hour. The violations were noticed through (GPS) Global Positioning Systems (GPS) installed on these trucks,” Director of Mines and Geology Prasanna Acharya told PTI.

Mr. Acharya made it clear that the truck drivers’ needs to adhere to the speed limit set on for them regardless if they are carrying an ore or empty. The Mines and Geology Department has also informed the mining firms to debar the trucks transporting their ore from violating the norms. “We have also asked them not to allow the trucks, whose licenses have been suspended for violating the norms,” he said.

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Based on the available information from the reliable sources, the total number of trucks that is plying the mining belts is 6,120 and all of them have been fixed with the GPS system and on an average, these trucks carry around 4000 trips a day.

Perhaps the ban on the violators will amount to reduction in accidents in the mining belts, but that is only the 10% of the total trucks that ply the route every day, this itself gives an idea of the amount of traffic that is taking the toll on the insufficient infrastructure. There is still a need for improving the infrastructure in the mining belts with the contributions from the mine owners? Please do leave your honest comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: Various Sources



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