Goa Crosses 25,000 Cases; Deaths Due to COVID Continue To Increase

Goa Crosses 25000 Covid Cases
Medical Staff Collecting The Swab For Checking

Half-way into the month and the state has witnessed a spike-like never before – nearly 8096 new coronavirus positive cases being recorded within a span of just the first fifteen days this month. 

Goa currently has 25,511 total confirmed cases since the onset of the pandemic – a milestone anyone would brush off as an impossibility somewhere around April-May this year. 

Furthermore, the Health Minister has come out public claiming that the state may witness nearly 1000 daily cases in the coming weeks. 

The huge wave of cases continues to increase rapidly, with several new areas recording daily surges of cases. Also, over the last 15 days, the state broke the record of the highest daily cases three times. 

Goa Crosses 25,000 Cases; Deaths Due to COVID Continue To Increase

The first half of September was a fatal one in the state’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic. While on one hand the state recorded daily 500+ cases on an average, on the other, people – including locals – continue to flaunt social distancing norms and compulsory usage of masks. 

Many, considering the state’s recovery rate of 78% fail to look beyond – the daily lives lost due to the coronavirus. The state lost 315 persons due to the virus in total, with 123 deaths occurring within this month itself. This translates to nearly 40% of the total fatalities that the state has seen.  

With 8096 new positive cases this month, the surge is growing rapidly, with many more new cases to be appearing in the coming days. Also, the majority of the deaths being recorded in the state occur among persons who have got admitted into COVID hospitals within the last 5-6 days itself, some even less – 24 hours. 

As medical professionals continue to point that early detection of the virus can enable one fight it off better, some fail to get a COVID test early on, and later, it proves to be fatal. The state’s mortality rate currently stands at 1.2%, while the national average is at 1.6%. 

The Chief Minister today however said that the state will work towards having a zero-mortality rate in the coming days. 

Meanwhile, Mandrem MLA Dayanand Sopte got himself admitted at Manipal hospital today after he developed mild symptoms. He had tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday.  

8096 cases in 15 days – 31% of total cases 

123 deaths in 15 days – 40%

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