Prostitution Racket unearthed in Pernem Two Outsiders along with One Goan Arrested by Crime Branch

Most of the businesses running in the north coastal belts of Goa are undoubtedly having an association with the local partners. We read the news of Russians doing business in Morjim but how it is possible without the blessings of the locals. Our Locals Goans are the ones who either sell or lease their premises to the outsiders to do the business, sometimes without knowing what types of business are going on in their premises and the result is in front of you!

The tourists from outside of Goa especially the foreigners cannot purchase the properties and do the businesses in Goa or anywhere in India for that matter. How they still manage to set up the businesses in Goa? Simple, they partner with the locals, use their business registration and premises.

In the above case, a local resident of Pernerm who was arrested along with two outsiders for his involvement in the prostitution business could be the victim of similar activity and that does not make his crime less heinous.            

The dark clouds of prostitution and trafficking of women are already moving on the state of Goa and in one of the recent incidents, Goa Crime Branch Police has arrested three accused for their involvement in the prostitution racket in premises located along the national highway at Torxem-Pernem. One woman and two men have been arrested, while three victim women have been rescued.

Pernem Police have informed that the three accused have been identified as Monika Roy from West Bengal, Mohammad Khalid Bepari from Mumbai and Sushant Mahale from Goa, who also happens to be the owner of the premises at Pernem.

The premises have a bar and restaurant on the ground floor while there are five rooms on the first floor, which were used as a brothel, the police said.

Based on information received from reliable sources, the premises were raided by the Crime Branch on Monday late evening and three victim women who were rescued in the raid are from West Bengal. The Police have informed that the three women have been sent to the protective home in Merces.

Police have stated that Mahale had allegedly provided the rooms to the other two who would target the tourists visiting the bar and restaurant as their clients.

Police said that the accused kept the victim women in the premises and forced them into prostitution activities.

PI Narayan Chimulkar filed a complaint and the case is being investigated by PI Naresh Naik.

Source: NT 

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