A 24-year-old boy from Ponda- Warkhande was arrested for alleged illegal possession of ganja (Marijuana) worth 2.25 lakh.  The lad was identified as Navin Naik who had been caught red-handed with the narcotics that weighed nearly 600 grams. In a similar case that occurred on Tuesday, 5 teenagers from Madgao were arrested with ganja (Marijuana) worth 2 lakhs. The five youngsters aged between 18-22 years.

Illegal drug trading has become a major issue in Goa. Many youngsters are found indulging in this dirty business. In the past decades of ganja possession and illegal trade, the police have taken cases very lightly. But in these years, the frequency has increased with many drug dealers being caught. An immediate action was taken on both the above-mentioned cases.

In the first case, following the arrest of Naik, it was known that the boy was waiting for a prospective customer near a football ground at Warkhande. At the same time, a tip was left at the police station of a person with narcotic substance waiting to strike a deal, says Investigating Officer Yogesh Mandrekar. A team of police, headed by Harish Madkaikar was sent to the spot where Navin Naik was caught red-handed. He was immediately interrogated and arrested.

According to The Navhind Times, an offence has been registered under various sections of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance (NDPS) Act, 1983. Further investigation is in progress.

In the case of the arrest of the 5 teenagers, the accused persons were nabbed from Pajifond while they were in possession of the drugs that weighed around 510 grams. According to The Goan, Police Inspector Kapil informed to the media, “We have acted on a tip-off that the youngsters are huddled at Pajifond and are in possession of drugs. The five persons have been booked under NDPS ACT.”

The names of the accused are as follows – Harish Madar (22) from Malbhat, Vishal Kanoja (19) from behind old presentation Margao, Gautam Pawar (20) from Gandhi Market, Shubham Naik (22) from Virabhat Maina Curtorim and Chetan Nedli (18) from near Cine Lata.

According to the research, it was found out that earlier many illegal activities like drug abuse and drug dealing would take place with immigrants creating the menace, but today many locals are also involved in the unethical activities.

In a press conference that was held in this week, Tourism Ministers Azgaonkar had pointed out the illegal drug activities taking place, especially among youth. He also said how youngsters fall in traps like these.

The police have rightly arrested the accused persons in the above-mentioned cases. The state’s image has been let down by the drug abuse practices after the many registered cases this year. Police are on duty to go after more people in possession of narcotics clearing out the severe problem in the state.


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