Gang on rampage in Canacona Goa The gang of 25 teenagers looting people on roads at night

Based on the available information from the reliable sources, Canacona residents have claimed that the gang of 25 teenagers is on a rampage of robbing the commuters traveling on the road at night. When media contacted the local MLA he said that there is a need of counseling since the accused are supposedly local youth. How this surviving and who is giving them the shelter? Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] This is highly shocking news that despite the knowledge of gang  of youth operating in the city police and administration has not done much about it besides calling it the act of local youth and need of counseling. According to the news published by the national media Times of India, the gangs of 25 teenagers are on the robbing spree at night on the roads of Canacona. The locals have claimed to be brought to the notice of an administration the same long time back but no strict action has been taken on the matter as yet.

The concern over here is who is sheltering this gang? And why the complaint of locals has not taken into the account as yet? According to the locals, this gang is threatening the commuters with the weapon and forcing them to part with their valuables. If you take a look at the situation, it is very serious since the road to Canacona is more used by the tourists than the locals due to the famous beach Palolem.

People of Canacona had convened the special meeting under the supervision of a local citizen’s body called “Jagruk Committee” on Saturday to discuss the issue. The Municipal Corporation chairperson and vice chairperson were present for the meeting along with the councilors of various wards of Canacona municipality.

The retired headmaster Shantaji Gaonkar has stated that this is going on for quite some time and despite the several police complaints in this regards no action has been initiated by the local police against the culprits in this serious matter. One Canacona based teacher, Ramesh Desai, has expressed his fear on the matter stating that if this trend continues soon the Taluka will be branded as a terrorist hub.

One of the councillor Sham Desai had even suggested the need of counseling of the youths but it was rejected by the councilor Hemant Gaonkar on the basis of the aggrieved situation of such kind cannot be sorted out with counseling. President of NGO Goenkar, Jack Fernandes, stated that some youth tends to ” indulge in such behavior at this age”. Councillor Divakar Pagi said that it has become very risky to go to Palolem after 11pm and that entrepreneur shut their premises before 11pm because of the threat from this gang.

The Aam Admi Party member Sandesh Telekar has stated that cases have already been filed against some members of this gang with the local police and that the police need to take action immediately. Canacona municipal council chairperson Prarthana Naik Gaonkar said “Canaconkars are not going to tolerate this gang anymore. A memorandum has been sent to SP and Dy SP about this issue and a meeting of Canacona locals will be held next week to discuss the course of action.

When media contacted the local MLA Ramesh Talwadkar, he said that since the accused youth are from the local areas they need to be counseled on this matter.

How does that sounds to you? Is there someone trying to shelter the accused youth in this case? or these youth are misguided by some elements in the society to create the fear among the other? Under the available circumstances police is very much capable of taking care of the situation then what is that stopping them from doing their duties?

One of the foreigners Sanna Cutter who lost her nephew in Goa some time back has commented on the original article on TOI as follows “This gang is operating in exactly the same area where my nephew Felix Dahl was killed a year ago with his body found laying in the street with the injuries to the back of his head. The same area where James Durkin went missing and his body was found in Agonda in two weeks later with terrible injuries. If the police have been aware of this gang operating in this same area then wouldn’t it be advisable to interview the members of this gang. Or is there some other explanation why the police haven’t done this?”

If you also know someone who has faced the similar situation in this area please provide the details of the same in your comments since the same may help the investigation agencies to solve the cases.

Source: TOI


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