The tourism industry of Goa runs on the four major pillars, Beaches, Nightlife, Food and Drink and in the absence of any of the above, it will collapse. Tourists come to Goa for its hospitality, pristine beaches, good liquor and fresh seafood and the nightlife is the lifeline of Goa. How can someone imagine Goa without any of these?

According to the sources, following the liquor ban the BJP-led coalition government is now targeting the late night parties and rave parties in the state. According to the State’s water resources department minister Vinod Palyekar, late night rave parties are not the part of Goa’s culture. The cabinet minister has called out for the statewide ban on the late night parties and said that such parties lead to promoting the drug industry in the state which adversely affects the youth of Goa.            

“Late night parties should be banned in Goa. Though our state runs on tourism, but under the garb of tourism, drugs are being supplied. This is adversely affecting our youth. If you visit the coastal areas (then) you can see how the youth are getting ruined because of this,” Palyekar told ANI.


Mr. Palyekar also said that he already had a discussion over this issue with the Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar and narrated him about the plan of the ban. Mr. Palyekar also instructed the police to keep strict vigil and make sure that such parties do not take place in Goa. “I have given strict instructions to the police that if such rave parties continue, the police inspector of that particular area will be suspended. I have discussed with the Chief Minister and he has shown his support in this regard,” he said.

It may be recalled that recently the supreme court had banned the consumption of liquor sale within the 500 meters of the state national highways literally making the state dry of liquor as in the wake of an SC order more than 3200 liquor shops including the bars have been closed down. According to the sources, ban on the late night parties will be the last nail in the coffin.



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