Fire Broke Out Near Sub Registrar’s Office in Mapusa, Two Shops Gutted in Fire

A major fire broke out near the Mapusa Sub Registrar’s office in Mapusa. The Sub Registrar’s office is safe, as the fire tenders reached on time, and took control over the spreading fire. According to the reports, two shops have been completely gutted into the fire.

No major casualties have been reported as yet, and the exact estimation of the loss will be done only after the final assessment of the property, said the sources. The traffic was completely disturbed for few hours as the hundreds of people were gathered near the building to witness the disaster.

The fire seems to have originated from one of the shops situated on the ground floor of the building but, the exact cause of the fire is not yet known. The people from the surrounding area contemplating of the short circuit, but it could be any reason.

This incident has refreshed the memories of the fire that broke out at Kadamba Bus Stand in Panaji a month back, wherein the RTO office was almost gutted. In that case, also the fire had been originated from the shop situated on the ground floor, and it was due to the short circuit.

This incident had proved that there are no safety measures been followed by most of the commercial complexes in the state, and there is a need for strict actions against such entities. What is your opinion on this? Please share your views on the comments below     


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