Crack Down on The Foreigners Staying in Goa Instead of Lashing Out on Domestic Tourists, Says Shiv Sena Chief

The statement made by TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai in the media about the ill effects of the domestic tourism became highly controversial. The statement of the Goa Minister came in the media following the video published by Goa Prism on its social media handle and Youtube channel. In the video, one can see one of domestic tourist peeing on the road right from the window of a stationed tourist bus and this incident took place in one of the most beautiful locations of Goa…

The video clip of tourist peeling from the window of a stationed bus in Miramar went viral on the social media and it resulted in creating the ripples in the social media. People of Goa took the serious cognizance of it and shown their rage on the social media but the TCP minister made a statement in the media saying that the Domestic Tourists are the Scum of Earth which became the most controversial statement.

The political leaders from the various parts India came took the serious cognisant of it and asked for an apology from the Goa Minister for uttering such words for the domestic tourists. Shiv Sena did not remain behind in the race and shot the statement in media saying that “First crack down on the Foreigners staying in Goa instead of lashing out at the domestic tourist,” Said the Shiv Sena leader.         

Claiming that terrorism jeopardized job avenues in the tourism industry of Jammu and Kashmir, the Sena said Goa minister Vijai Sardesai’s remarks against the people of one region was “irresponsible”. It may be recalled that Last week, Goa’s agriculture minister Sardesai had described a section of domestic tourists as the “scum of the earth” and urged the state to look for “qualitative and not quantitative” improvement in tourists.    

Later, his cabinet colleague Manohar Ajgaonkar threatened to “chase away” visitors who don’t take care of “Goan culture and Goanness”. Taking a dim view of it, the Sena said, in an editorial in its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’, a minister of the BJP-led Goa government has blamed North Indians for turning Goa into a “gutter”. But the state runs on tourism and it fails to keep a check on the law and order situation, the Sena said. “There are some areas in Goa where the local police do not dare to go, as they are dominated by Russians and Nigerians… We dare the Goa administration to go to those villages and take control of them,” it said.   

In a jibe at Sardesai, it said though Goa had gone through an oppressive rule of the Portuguese for years, there are some ministers who prefer that regime as compared to the North Indians visiting the state. “What sort of nationalism is this?” the Sena asked. Referring to Jammu and Kashmir, it said jobs of the taxi and auto-rickshaw operators and those running ‘shikaras’ in Dal lake, hotels and restaurants are affected due to terrorist activities. In this backdrop, Sardesai’s statement against people of one region is “irresponsible,” the Sena said. It is the responsibility of the Goans to reject such statements of their ministers, it added.


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