Lifeguard services   being provided   by  the  tourism   department  has been brought  under  the  ambit  of the  Goa  Essential Services  Maintenance     (ESMA) Act ,  1988  with  immediate  effect. This comes  in the  wake of the  strike  call  given  by the   All India Trade Union Congress – Goa Unit, which issued  a  notice  for  a strike  of  a section of lifeguards for two days from November 21, 2014. The  invocation of  ESMA  by the  government, here on Wednesday,  declares  any strike  by lifeguards  as  illegal and  prohibits any strike on the beaches and  inland  water ways   where  lifeguard services are provided by the tourism  department in  the interest of the  general public.

The  Tourism   Director,  Ameya  Abhyankar  said,  “Life  guard  services  are  very  critical  for  ensuring safety  of   tourists   on the    beaches.  Any  attempt  to disrupt  the services  will be sternly dealt with under   relevant  provisions of the  law.” The  notification issued today  states  the provisions   under  which  the  tourism  department  can act under ESMA  imposing  various penalties  from fines  to imprisonment. Under penalty for illegal strikes,  any person who commences  a  strike  which is  illegal   under  the Act,  or goes,  or remains  on  strike, or  otherwise  takes  part in any such strike  shall be  punishable   with imprisonment  for a term   which  may extend  to six months ,  or  with a fine   which may extend to  Rs 200,   or  with both.

In case of penalty for  instigation,  etc ,  any person who instigates  or incites  other persons to take  part in,   or otherwise  acts in furtherance of   a strike  which is  illegal under the Act,  shall be  punishable with  imprisonment  for a term  which  may extend  to one  year,  or  with   fine  which  may extend to  Rs 1000,  or  with both,   and   any  vehicle  or  any conveyance  used  by such person while  committing such offence   shall be forfeited to the  government.



In case of  financial aid  given to illegal strikes, any person who  knowingly  extends  or supplies   any money   in furtherance or  supports  the  strike  which is   illegal    under the  Act shall  be punishable  with imprisonment  for a term   for one  year,   or    with fine  which  may extend to Rs 1000  or  with both.
A notification to this  effect has been  issued by the  government ,  in exercise  of the powers    conferred  under sub-section  (1)  of  section 3    of the  Goa  Essential   Services  Maintenance  Act, 1988 (Goa  Act   20  of   1989.

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