DIAL 100 but it does not work in Goa

Letter to Goa Police, DIG of Goa from the responsible citizen of Goa.

Recently some prominent local daily in Goa had published the news of non response from “DIAL 100” number which is kept for the exercise of the general public as and when the emergency arises. There was case of TOI reporters trying to get in touch with the PCR VAN through the “dial 100” but unfortunately they received no reply back from the same and this incident happened twice with the two of the different reporters according to the news published in TOI in last week.

The Goa police motto “With you for you always” creates exaggeration here, Police has been provided with the PCR vans to make use of it to help the public in the case of emergency, but if they do not get the message across from police control room (PCR) how do they will be able to perform their duty. It could be due to the person is not on the seat, or may be dozed off after the hard day; it could be any reason for that instance. But does it really matters as far as their duties are concerned?  The emergency could be of any type

I am publishing the letter sent by one of the responsible citizen of Goa to the DIG of Goa informing about the irregularities of the functioning of emergency service in department of police and I think every citizen should take the cognizance of this case as you could be the next victim of the situation and that will be too late to respond back.

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Off Nos. 301, 302 & 306,

3rd Floor,

Commerce Center Building,

Opp.SBI Agr. Dev. Branch,

Mapusa, Bardez Goa.

Date: 25/2/2015

To Inspector General of Goa Police, Near Azad Maidan Panaji – Goa ,   Sub: Emergency number “100” not working or attended when called.   Sir, I was returning from Panjim and travelling towards Aldona on 7/2/2015. On my way home near the Moira Bridge there was a group fighting. It was around 11.50 p.m. Some people were beating a person I stopped to see and proceeded further. I dialed the emergency phone number 100, four times but the response I got was the recorded voice saying “we value your call but all the call takers are busy”. When I almost reached home I met a police jeep near Ganesh Temple Nachinola.  I reported the incident to them hoping that the police jeep will proceed towards the site of the event. I reached home but did not receive any call back from the 100 number normally when we call and when they are busy they give a call back enquiring about the problem.  I wondered if the 100 number was busy when I called and if because of that I was getting the said message then police should have called me back having seen my missed call, but they didn’t do so. Therefore I suspect some mischief is played by call takers to avoid receiving the call. If the phone worked they would have called me back to enquire about my problem.  The phone number “100” is suppose to be a 24 hour emergency number and needs to be kept on 24 hours. People rely on the police for their safety. It is sad to imagine the plight of a person who is in danger or trouble and is trying to call the police for some help and there is no response from the police. I did call this number many times and I have got good response but that day I found this problem. I hope this is not the order of the day and it was just a stray incident. I request you to investigate the matter and take action whatever necessary to make sure so that such negligence on the part of the police does not happen again.


Rajkumar Gadge”[/su_box]

Please leave your comments at the end of this article and support this movement, it will surely help other and may to you too. As a matter of fact this single letter may not move the mountain on its own but the support from the you all will surely help to improve the situation the way entire systems works in our state.

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