Drugs and Mobile Phones Recovered from Colvale Jail, Who is Responsible?

We often see in the movies how the jail inmates make use of Mobile Phones and Luxury Life with the blessing of Politicians and Jail Guards but, we feel that it is fiction until the time truth comes into the light, and something similar seems to have happened in the Goa’s Colvale Central Jail. In one of the recent search conducted by IRB personnel have unearthed huge stock of Mobiles phones and Drugs in the possession of Inmates. Who is responsible for this? Jail Authorities or Politicians?        

According to the reports, in a surprise search conducted on Thursday morning in Colvale Central jail, officials found 67 cellphones and chargers, 1 kg narcotics suspected to be ganja, and around 200 bidi packets.

Given that the jail premises are huge, Inspector General of Prisons Hemant Kumar with the help of the Indian Reserve Battalion personnel conducted the search on Thursday morning. However, no jail official has been held responsible for the banned items that were found in jail.

“The mobiles were found to be hidden in various places. No one is held responsible for it”, said a source from the IG prisons.


The IRB personnel man the outer security of the jail premises and it comes as no surprise that jail inmates at Colvale get goods of their choice inside their cells.

Over the last two years, several raids were conducted wherein inmates were found in possession of cellphones, tobacco products, and other items.

Back in August, the IGP’s office had informed that 40 cellphones, earphones, and chargers were seized from inmates.

As inmates are caught with cellphones at regular intervals, it was suggested that cellphone jammers be installed in the jail.

A guard posted at Colvale jail stated that it was not possible that goods be slipped in without have some connections with security personnel.

He said that one had to be really clever and inventive to sneak in goods without the help of the security.

“At times, jail inmates get whatever they need from cellphones to alcohol, when they are taken out of the jail premises during the court hearings. They know how to manage these things”, he said.

As per information, there are around 500 inmates in the Colvale jail

In 2018, jail guards were caught red-handed sneaking in goods to pass on to jail inmates on a couple of occasions.

In February 2018, four jail staff, including an assistant jailer, was placed under suspension for allegedly being involved in consuming bhang (a drink made out of cannabis).

The incident came to light only after two inmates fell ill after having the drink. These officials have been booked under various provisions of the NDPS Act. 

In December 2018 too, IG Prison had suspended another jail guard Vikas Naik when he was allegedly also caught carrying tobacco in the jail. Naik had hidden the tobacco products in his sandals. 

In 2019 a guard was found guilty of transporting tobacco products inside the jail.   

Source: TOI   

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