Will Congress Form The Next Government in Goa Following The Karnataka Trend?

The game of politics is not different from the Game Chess, one wrong move from your side can cost you a lot, and something similar seems to have happened in the case of BJP in Karnataka, which will be going to cost them two states, Goa and Bihar. Will the Congress go to form a government in these two states? or it will become another futile affair? let’s take a look at it in this news article… 

The existing political scenario in Karnataka gives a clear indication that the ruling party in the center can manipulate, twist and turn the law the way they want. Taking an example from the elections in Goa in the year 2017 giving the clear minded to Congress in the state, but BJP went to form the government by aligning themselves with the other political parties which were then allowed by the governor of Goa. Now let’s take a look at the situation in Karnataka. Here, the Congress did not receive the mandate but aligned them with other political parties and went to form the government which was denied by the governor, under the grounds that only the party maximum seats will be allowed to form the government. Is it not the mockery of the constitution?

So, as we know, in the recent elections in Karnataka BJP has conquered 104 Constituencies with 8 seats falling shot to cover up the 112 seats in an assembly of 223.

Last year in Goa during the elections, Congress had got higher seats than BJP, but BJP formed an alliance with other parties and made it a majority. This was allowed by the Governor.

This year in the Karnataka state elections, BJP had got the highest seats and Congress was just 2% away from winning, but unfortunately couldn’t due to BJP’s higher number. Thus, the Congress went to form allies with the other parties in order to be a majority. But this was not allowed by the Governor since stated that the party with the higher number should be the one to form the government.


Now the question arises here. Why was the similar situation not allowed in Goa? This has caused rage among the Congress while they march down to the Governor Mridula Sinha to plead in order to form the government as prior to last year’s election where they weren’t allowed.

However, the ruling party BJP in Karnataka clearly gives us a thought of how the Indian government gives priority to the ruling party; “It’s either our way or no way”.

The BJP party in Goa was alert this morning as the Congress legislative party led by Chandrakant Kavlekar went to the assembly with a letter to submit to the Governor. The letter stated their request to allow them to form the government as well as the Governor to accept her mistake that was committed in the March 2017 elections.

The BJP sits back in their comfort zone laughing at the actions taken by Congress with mocking statements of having no absolute power. But soon the tables will turn, BJP shall face extreme crisis once Congress is given to form a government. It will be their time to laugh at the BJP, especially since they are surviving with a body that is without a head, and there could be possibilities where BJP party could be dissolved. The absence of Mr. Parrikar has already been brought to the Governor’s notice and the Congress laughs back at BJP stating that they should hide under their chair.

If such kind of wicked politics and dirty mind games are played in the nation, wonder how the future of India could be in the coming years!

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