Woman Kills Her Husband in Goa, Chops His Body Into Pieces with the help of her friends, and disposes it in the Jungle

The killing has become so easy nowadays, here in this case a woman killed her husband and chopped his body into three pieces with the help of three of her friends and disposed of the body of the victim without any traces left behind. The incident of murder which took place a month back came into the light yesterday when the accused woman decided to share this incident with one her friend. According to the cops, an incident of the murder took place over the quarrel between husband and wife and subsequently she strangulated her husband to death at their residence.

The accused and victim both migrants and residing at Curchorem in south Goa said the sources. According to the reports, Four people, including a woman, were arrested by the Goa police for allegedly killing a man and then disposing of the body in a forest area after cutting it into pieces, an official said today. 

The accused were identified as Kalpana Bassu (31), killed her husband Basauraj Bassu (38) a casual laborer a few months Back, and then disposed of his body after cutting it into three pieces with the help of three more persons, supposedly the friends of the accused. The incident came into the light following the accused have decided to confess the crime in front of one of her friend, said the police sources.

The accused and victim were staying on the second floor of Anu Apartment in Curchorem Market where the incident of murder took place, said the police inspector Ravindra Desai. Although initially, the accused confessed to murdering her husband alone but later on she told the police that three of her friends were with her at the time of an incident. she also confessed to having an illicit relationship with the trio.

According to the new version of the story which came out into the light following the police interrogations, the accused (wife) had an illicit relationship with three men who were involved into the murder, and were also instrumental in chopping off the body of victim and disposing it into the jungle of Anmod Ghat in Karnataka, said the sources in the police.


The Curchorem police have arrested the accused and her three friends Suresh Kumar, Abdul Karim Shaikh and Pankaj Pawar, under the charges of murder and conspiracy. According to the police the victim who used to remain away from the home for the longer period came to know about the illicit relationship of his wife with the trio, and when he confronted her, she along with three of her friends strangulated the victim to death.

The four accused cut the body into three pieces and packed it in gunny bags, the official said. They then took the bags in a car and threw the body parts at an isolated spot in a forest near the Goa-Karnataka border, he said. Acting on the information provided by the accused, a police team yesterday went to the spot in the forest where they dumped the body, and recovered some partial remains which would be sent for forensic examination, said Mr. Desai adding that the police is investigating the case to see if more people were involved in the crime.



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