The story of Domestic Tourists cooking on the streets is not new to Goans since it has become a common scene in the state. The Tourists which comes in their private vehicles and buses encroaches the Goan Beaches, and start cooking and defecating in open. The Tourism Department and Police are hardly doing anything to stop these nuisances, in fact, in the recent past, Goa’s CM had come out in the rescue of these tourists announcing of making a separate provision for them in the state. Does this really benefit Goa or Goans? Or it will push away the good tourists from the state?       

The domestic tourists come down to Goa in the packed buses hired by them along with the utensils and gas cylinder stuffed in the bus. When they reach Goa, they set up their kitchen on the roadside. Without bothering which place it is. Later on, they also start defecating in the open without any decency of their own privacy. This results into illegal activities that are vastly practiced in Goa since a long time.

The Dona-Paula Miramar stretch is not a picnic spot for anybody to put up their ‘boriya-bistar’ and start cooking on the footpath. On 18th May 2018, at 12:00 pm it was discovered that a bus was parked opposite Goa science center and the members of the vehicle were all sitting on the footpath cooking food. They had spread out their utensils, stove, and cooking material all over the place making the area look very shabby.  The footpath looked very dirty and by the time they would have left, surely there would be ample amount of garbage and waste residues left on those footpaths.

No one stopped anyone from using these footpaths but such practiced activities are heights. These footpaths are meant for the daily locals who go for their morning and evening walks or jogs; not to set up a part-time home or a camp. It is not a ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’ movie. Today scenes and stories that have been showcased through films have dominated the minds of people that they act it out in reality. Who can know the actual intention of these tourists setting out in the open like that?

When the tourists were questioned on this act, they sarcastically stated that they were given permission to use the place by the guides. And guess what! The guides were the Non-Goan people from the group itself. When the guides arrived on the spot, they were questioned as to which they unsympathetically apologized.

It makes no difference whether these people apologize because they continue the same process finding some other place once they are sent away. They are stubborn like the pigeons when once shooed they come back. They don’t really care about the rich and beautiful heritage of Goa. These type of tourists practice such activities and then themselves are the ones to go and ruin the name of Goa by saying that Goa has become dirty.

Such maniac behavior should be taken into custody immediately. Yes, every citizen of India has a right to freedom and expression, but, a liberty that is disturbing and destroying someone else’s hometown and culture should strictly be taken into consideration. Tourists are guest to Goa and it is the duty of Goans and the government of Goa to treat them with care and respect, but the tourist should make sure to return the favor by keeping our Goa clean and green. Any such activities further noticed should be instantly reported to the police.

The tourism department and the police should not take things lightly. These malpractices are going since past ages. Why is the government not looking into such serious matters instead poking their nose into un-required business?


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