Scuffle Between the group of locals and Tourists turned ugly after the Tourist Vehicle Brushed against the Two Wheeler of a Local Youth

Traffic Scenario Responsible for the Accidents?

The timely intervention of the police helped in keeping the situation in control, but still, one of the youth was seen saying, “Foduya Re Gadi Tyachi” (Let’s break his Car). As the season began, tourists from all over the world starts pouring in the state, and the weekends are more popular with the Indian tourists, coming down from the neighboring states. Most of these tourists come with their own vehicles, creating more traffic conjugations in the city. In one such event wherein a tourist vehicle brushed against the two-wheeler of a local youth, resulting into the scuffle between the locals and tourists in the capital city on Saturday.

According to the reports, the tourist vehicle (Innova) from Karnataka, was heading towards the Donalaula from Patto (Panaji), via Dayanand Bandodkar Marg but, when the vehicle reached near Hotel Mandovi it dashed against the two-wheeler ridden by the youths, and was in process of overtaking, which resulted in the scuffle. All the more locals came forward in the support of the two youths who claimed that the tourist vehicle was not allowing them to overtake and in bargain dashed against their two-wheeler.

It appeared to be a minor scratch on the two-wheelers and perhaps the Innova vehicle too, but the youth were seen talking about breaking the Innova, in front of the policeman,  who was doing the investigation of the matter. Both the parties were seen blaming each other and doing the counterclaims. Finally, the scene was such, wherein the tourist becomes humble and was trying to explain their side of the story to a policeman while the locals were making the plans on trashing the tourists and their vehicle.

Looking at the scenario it became clear that both the parties were at fault but, the locals were seen blaming the tourists entirely for the accident. The sources revealed that this kind of incident would result in pushing the tourist away from the state. If you look at the recent trend, the flow of foreigners are reducing with every year passes by, and we have left with the Russian tourists, who, according to the local businessmen, do not spend money. In such situation, the Indian tourists coming to the state from the neighboring states are the major source of income for the state.

This is not just one of the ancient that took place in the state, at the beginning of a new season, but there are many such incidents that have happened in the past, in Goa, and will keep happening till locals become little more empathetic towards the situation. What is your opinion on this incident? do you think that locals need to be little more considerate towards the tourists? Please share your valuable comments on this serious issue.

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