In one of the shocking incident a 52-Year-Old history-sheeter, Tyron Nazareth was brutally killed by the 25-year-old history-sheeter, Joseph Sequeira, along with his accomplices at Calangute market. The murder supposes to have taken place due to the existing enmity between the duo and a dealing of drugs in the Calangute area, said the sources.    

There are many stories about the drugs dealing at Calangute in various media. Calangute residents claim that the Calangute market is a hub of the drug pedlars during the night time. “People are scared to come to the market due to the fear of the drug pedlars who haunt this place,” said one of the resident adding that Local police is not taking any serious cognisance of the matter. “This is not the first incident of the murder in this area and the investigations in many old matters are not yet completed.”


The locals feel that such type of crime will only lead to spoiling the name of Calangute in the Tourism Map. The people say that this place is being used for various illegal activities and no control is there on that. “The locals do not confront goons due to the fear of their life. I also do not want to say much on this issue as they may attack me too,” said one of the residents of Calangute to the local TV channel.


Another resident told the local TV channel that there are three murders already taken place in this area and the young generation is becoming the victim of this drug menace in this area. “Young girls and boys come to this place during the night and consume drugs and if anybody tries to confront them, they threaten with the knife,” said one lady from Calangute market.

Meanwhile coming back to the story of the murder, the fight has taken place between the duo, 52-year-old Tyron Nazareth and 25-year-old Joseph Sequeira resident of Candolim due to the previous enmity. The Calangute police said that Tyron Nazareth, the history sheeter, had stabbed JosephSequeira a few months back but, Joseph survived an attack and decided to take the revenge, and to settle the old scores, he along with two others attacked Tyron on Saturday night at the Calangute Market.

According to the Calangute police, following the attack, Tyron was admitted to the hospital in serious condition where later on he succumbed to his injuries. The accused Joseph Sequeira who is also a history-sheeter escaped from the scene after committing the crime and presently he is absconding.


Co-incidentally the deceased victim Tyron Nazareth and accused Joseph Sequeira, both are having criminal records and have 04 cases registered against them respectively at Calangute police station, said the Calangute police. According to reports, Calangute Police conducted scene and inquest panchnama and relevant materials have been attached. SDPO Shri. Serafin Dias and Superintendent of Police for North Shri. Karthik Kashyap visited the spot. Calangute police have formed separate teams to arrest the accused. Further investigation is in progress with PI Jivba Dalvi.




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