Ban on Flights From UK Will Have an influence on Tourism in Goa

Ban on Flights From UK
Goa Airport to Restrict The Flights from UK

Due to the newly found more infectious COVID-19 strain, the Union Government announced on Monday that all flights traveling from the UK will be canceled starting from 11:59 PM, 22nd December till 11:59 PM, 31st December. 

“Of course tourism will be impacted due to the cancellation of flights coming from the UK. There are also possibilities that in the next 2-3 days flights from few other countries may also be suspended”, said CM Pramod Sawant. 

He mentioned that we need to take precautions from countries hit by the second wave of COVID-19 and also confirmed that tourism in Goa will be affected by the ban on flights.

As stated by the Dabolim airport Director, Gagan Malik, “The Air Bubble flights, which used to come twice a week from the UK, remain canceled till December 31, until further orders”.

“Even today, the deaths are occurring due to delay. People do not test for 8-10 days and then the infection hits the lungs then there are complications and deaths. Precautions and testing is a must”, the CM added.

Delay in test leads to death hence the CM has asked the Goans to test as early as possible if any symptoms are seen and has also asked the Goans to follow the rules of wearing a mask and maintaining social distance in public as to lower the chances of spreading the virus.

During Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the tourism sector in Goa seems to benefit a lot but this year it won’t. Though the decision of banning flights from the UK will affect tourism in Goa, it is better to consider precautions as the COVID-19 strain is found which is said to be highly infectious.

(with the inputs from Business Standard) 

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