Babush refutes the rumors of induction in cabinet, meets Parrikar in Delhi

There is no smoke without the fire and no one can deny this fact. The news spreads only when there is substance into it. Let us take the case of induction of Babush Monserrate in the cabinet, though the sources in the BJP-led government denying the facts about the induction of Babush Monserrate into cabinet to fill the place vacated by the convicted legislator Mickky Pacheco. Everybody seems to be silent on the subject, but nothing remains hidden from the media. Delhi visit of Babush Monserrate has created huge controversy in the Goa’s political circle. Few legislators in BJP-led government started opposing the entry of Babush into the cabinet much before any such official announcements were by the senior leaders of the party, isn’t that is surprising?

Babush at the moment is an unattached member of the house after his expulsion from Congress and his recent meeting with the Manohar Parrikar would surely lead to create the doubts amongst the members of ruling party. Though Monserrate himself denied the news of induction into the cabinet saying that “There is no such (cabinet induction) proposal with him”, but the sources in the BJP have said that the meeting between Parrikar and Monserrate was the outcome of exploring the possibilities delegation of the portfolio to him in the BJP-led government.

Meanwhile Monserrate has informed the media that he met the Defence Minister but over the issue development works of his constituency “When Parrikar was chief minister in Goa, he promised me that he would take up development work in Taleigao and St Cruz.” Monserrate said and he continued that his visit was just to remind Parrikar about the pending work for the construction of a bypass between Taleigao and St Cruz and a flyover at Merces-St Cruz junction. When media asked as why he did not take up the issue with the CM of Goa or if he do not have the faith in Parsekar, Monserrate said “it was a promise given to me by Parrikar and he is aware of it. Parsekar’s priority would be to take up development work in constituencies represented by BJP MLAs”.

Sources also said that even if Monserrate is inducted into the cabinet he will not take up the portfolio held by former convicted minister Mickky Pacheco as he is more interested in the portfolio through which he can speed up the development work in his and others constituency as well. Babush has hinted the BJP leaders that if party give him the same portfolios that allotted to Pacheco, and then he would not prefer to join the cabinet. The sources also say that Monserrate is targeting for the lucrative portfolios such as PWD through which he could manage do development work in Goa.  According to the sources Babush has assured BJP with hope of victory of 5 seats in Tiswadi taluka if inducted into the cabinet before the 2017 elections.


Political analysts said that Monserrate’s induction would be a reward being given to him for helping the BJP in the Panaji bye-election after Parrikar vacated the seat when he moved to the Centre. After congress lost in the Panaji bye-election, the party took action against Monserrate for anti-party activities and since then he is an unattached MLA in the 40-member Goa legislative assembly. Let’s wait and watch as only the time will tell where this big game lead to. Please do leave your feedbacks and comments on this.

Author: Rajesh Ghadge

News Source: NT

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