Allow People to Use Demonetised Notes For Basic Necessities – Supreme Court Tells Government

Finally, Supreme Court has voiced, in the interest of common man, asking the government to allow the people to make use of the demonetised Currency Notes for basic necessities. Why should people suffer if you are not able to supply the new notes? Supreme Court Asked the Centre. The Supreme Court also asked the government to furnish their policies on supplies of the new notes to different bank branches in India.    

According to the available information from the reliable sources, the Supreme Court of India asked the centre on Thursday about the way it had handled the aftermath of demonetisation and asked: “why there was an unequal distribution of the new currency notes among people.” The Supreme Court of India has indirectly pointed out at the recent raids in which people were caught with the stash of cash in New Currency Notes.

The sources have revealed that the bench of Chief Justice T S Thakur and Justice A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud has pointed out that, the demonetisation had resulted into the “Problem of Extreme”, with a few people managing to get plenty of notes while others struggled to get a single one. The court has also put the option before the government to allow the people to use the scrapped currency notes to access the basic necessities of life till the government makes enough provisions to supply sufficient quantity of the new currency notes into all the banks.

The Supreme Court has said that the old notes should be accepted in government hospital so that people could avail medical facilities. “What is your apprehension if government hospitals are allowed to accept scrapped notes? Why should people suffer if you are not able to supply new notes to them?” the bench asked and reserved its order.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General of India, Mukul Rohatgi had argued the matter asking the Supreme Court to not to pass an interim order for the use of scrapped currency since the government is working towards easing the situation and inconvenience faced by the common man will soon be over. He said that the government had decided that Rs 8,000 crore which was collected by district cooperative banks between November 11 and 14 would be accepted by RBI, and banks could exchange the scrapped notes.


The AG argued that black money and unaccounted cash would come back into circulation if the court allowed the use of scrapped notes. He said huge sums of black money were converted into white when scrapped notes were allowed at petrol pumps and for railway reservation and there were chances that it would be repeated. Rohatgi said that the government had taken a bold decision which no other dispensation took during the last 70 years and the situation would soon become normal.

“We have only 14 days left. The idea behind demonetisation was to root out black money and the government has been able to achieve its target. This country is witnessing a revolution. No other government dared to do so earlier. The government has taken a decision and it is answerable to Parliament,” he said.

The bench, however, drew the AG’s attention to the problems faced by common people and indicated that it may pass an interim order to reduce their inconvenience. The court asked how huge amounts in new notes were recovered from bank officials and asked the AG about the government policy on supplying new currency notes to different bank branches.

If Supreme Courts Passes an Interim order in regards to the re-use of demagnetised notes then the situation may become little relaxed. The possibility of black money getting back into the system as argued by the Attorney General is quite a possibility but the same things are already happening with the new currency too. There are hundreds of cases in which people have been caught with a huge sum of cash in new denominations if that is not the black money then what? People of India needs to rise and ask this question to the government and demand for the transparency.   


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