AAP Volunteers and BJP Karyakartas attacks on Each Other Over the Installation of Party Banners in Vasco City


As the elections are approaching closer the leaders and supporters of political parties are getting impatience. The recent fight between Calangute MLA and Deputy Sarpanch of Calangute over the issue of installing the party banners had resulted into throwing fists and blows at each other. Afterward, they lodged the police complaint against each other but their tussle in public displayed the amount of pressure mounting on politicians when the assembly elections are about to take place in next month.

According to the news published by Herald Daily, the incident of Vasco fights between AAP and BJP volunteers had exhibited the similar approach of the party workers. According to the sources, the AAP Volunteers and BJP Karyakartas clashed with each other over the issue of installing the banners at various locations in Vasco da Gama in South Goa. The incident had triggered tension in Vasco city on Sunday, said the sources and following the incident, both AAP and BJP volunteers rushed to the Vasco police station and filed cross complaints against each other said the sources. However, later the leaders of both the parties held a meeting and decided to amicably solve the issue without going ahead with a police complaint.

According to the reports published in TOI, Vasco police had intervened in the fist fight started between AAP and BJP party workers at Dabolim in Vasco and took both the parties to the police station, where they finally compromised. “Both parties have assured that such incidents will not be repeated and they will try to maintain peace, and law and order during elections,” said the Vasco PI Nolasco Raposo, attached to Vasco Town Police Station.

Meanwhile, the Dabolim unit BJP secretary Mr. Santosh Kerkar told the media that, AAP volunteers attacked the BJP Karyakartas and fled the scene on Saturday evening while they were busy installing the party flags near airport road. He said that though the BJP volunteers wanted to lodge a police complaint, the issue was amicably settled after a discussion with AAP leaders who assured to keep their volunteers under control.

The AAP Goa convener Elvis Gomes and AAP leader Olencio Simoes who also rushed to the Vasco Police Station after the incident alleged that, their volunteers were assaulted by the BJP party workers at New Vaddem on Sunday after which they all had rushed to Vasco Police Station to file the complaints. However, the issue was settled amicably with the assurance from both the parties that such tussle would not take place in future. “Goa is a peaceful State and such incident would disturb the peace. We should ensure that such incident should not be repeated in future,” Gomes said.             


Meanwhile, Vasco PI Nolasco Raposo said, “The incident took place on Saturday when the BJP volunteers were installing party flags as part of Vijay Sankalp Mahamelava at Dabolim to be held Monday. When the BJP volunteers were busy with their work of installing party flags, AAP activists picked up verbal arguments with them and later manhandled four BJP volunteers. Similarly, AAP activists claimed that some BJP volunteers manhandled them on Sunday.” He said that both the parties have amicably settled the issue and did not file any complaint against each other.

It looks like the story of attacks and counter attacks will continue and party leaders will keep settling the matter amicably. The Saturday incident settled amicably and Sunday fight also settled in the police station but the reputation of the incidents is neither in the control of the party leaders or by police.     


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