Alina Saldanha may lose the ministerial berth in next reshuffle?

It looks like BJP-led government is creating space to accommodate either the new candidates or to keep the rebellion happy, whatever may be the reason but the story of Environment Minister raises the doubts in the minds of people “If BJP planning to remove Alina, who they will replace her portfolio with? According to the news published in the local daily “The purported torchbearer of her late husband, Matanhy Saldanha, and the only woman minister in the BJP government is being pushed into a corner and is on the edge of almost being pushed out, if BJP insiders are to be believed”. This statement is the clear indication of the cabinet reshuffle and dropping of few ministers to accommodate the new.

While nobody is officially revealing this but the Environment Minister’s recent criticism is hurting the BJP government directly, some party leaders are getting embarrassed on regular basis due to this. The sources revealed that the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle before the Ganesh festival may result into changing the portfolio of Alina or in an extreme condition even dropping her out of the cabinet. BJP surely did not liked her recent stand on the Marina Project in Sancoale and her participation in the Catholic MLA’s meet called by Archdiocesan board of education which resulted in building the pressure on the Government to fulfill their demands, although she was warned by the high command for this act of her.

According the sources within the departments have revealed that along with the lack of knowledge of some of crucial environmental and pollution related issues and her favoritism towards the people of her constituency is creating the clashes amongst the departmental officials. Right from the department of Forests to Environment to Museums and the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB), there is either uninformed interference of the highest kind, or absolute disinterest, both of which are detrimental. “She treats everyone like her student. But for that, a teacher needs to have knowledge of the subject. She is not aware of a majority issues and ideas/suggestions/modifications by the officers, who are experts in the field, are rejected. She had kept on hold many issues,” a department official said. “She has made so many assurances in public but she never attempts to implement those,” the official added.

The officials also informed that she is having the partial behavior about the work done in the other constituencies for example she would direct her departments to take action against all the illegalities such as land filling, tree felling, water pollution, dust pollution, etc. taking place in other constituencies but this so called ‘positive’ attitude is not applicable for her own constituency, Cortalim, in which she allows all the illegalities and complaints let go without any interference. “In many cases she has also used her political power to direct her departments not to act in a particular matter,” sources alleged.


Due to her style of working she is facing the pressure from the NGT (National Green Tribunal) for the decision taken in connection with the controversial golf course and villa project in Tiracol in which the state Environment Impact Assessment Authority has allegedly granted the certificate of Environment clearance to the project through the manipulations of rules and norms. She is facing the resentment of the party leaders and the BJP General Secretary Satish Dhond has even told her directly that she would not have won the Constituency seat in the Cortalim if the party had not worked in the background to get her elected unopposed.

This is the clear indication of disapproval by the BJP of her activities, in the recent ZP election party did not even think of taking her into the confidence while appointing the MGP candidate for the Sancoale seat. Nevertheless only time will tell who is going to ditch who with so many political equations are forming day in day out, where nobody is enjoying the complete immunity any more. Please do not forget to leave your most valuable comments and suggestion on this issue.

Source: HERALD          

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