I will quit politics if proved guilty in Fake Certificate issue says Dhavalikar

It looks like Dhavalikar brothers are on “Challenge Spree”, recently younger brother Deepak Dhavalikar had challenged the AAP saying that “if AAP produces the list of students who passed BSc (Subsidiary) from Chowgule College in 1978 and if Sudin’s name does not appear on it, I will quit the Politics” and now it is the turn of BIG BROTHER Sudin Dhavalikar to accept the same challenge against the AAP saying that “I will quit the politics if ‘CONVICTED’”. Now let us wait and watch as where this game of FAKE certificate takes AAP and Dhavalikar Brothers.

Dhavalikar brothers are always been a part of some or the other controversy, lately the comments passed by the ‘Deepak’ on bikini ban while supporting his elder brother ‘Sudin’ was very controversial. Nevertheless coming back to the latest controversy of fake certificate, after remaining calm for three days after the AAP filed the police complaint, PWD minister Sudin Dhavalikar on Sunday gave the statement to press saying that “He will Quit the Politics if his degree proved to be fake”

The AAP had lodged the police complaint against Sudin on Thursday at Ponda police station alleging that PWD minister had lied in his sworn in affidavit regarding his qualification. AAP has demanded the FIR to be registered against the minister under various sections of IPC (Indian Penal Code) and representative of people’s act for cheating the EC (Election Commission) of India. AAP has demanded the authenticity of his degree certificate which he has mentioned in his sworn affidavit wherein he has mentioned that he passed the BSc degree from Parvatibai Chowgule Collage then a centre of Bombay University in year 1979-80.

AAP members have alleged that the minister has furnished false information in sworn affidavit submitted to the EC in support of his candidature for the assembly polls in 2012. However, the minister accepted that there has been an error in mentioning passing year of his BSc (subsidiary). He said instead of 1978-79, he mentioned it as 1979-80, “For SSC, I mentioned 1974-75 instead of 1973-74 as date of completion, and for BSc it is written as 1979-80 instead of 77-78. Only the years of the degree have been changed. I accept that much has happened and I’m ready to face any penalty,” said Dhavalikar claiming it was important to admit mistakes.


Dhavalikar made his point clear saying that he never forged his degree while claiming that he had earlier admitted that MGP committed mistakes during the 1967 opinion poll. Meanwhile the noted author Pundalik Naik came to the rescue of Dhavalikar stating that “As far as literature and politics were concerned, only work and effort were important, not degrees. If a degree was important, it was to achieve a job. He said that a politician whose education was an issue in past had become an education minister in Goa”.

Formal Education qualification may not be necessary (citation needed) provided that the persons holding that post doing the justice to their job, but here the issue is not about the educational qualification but the incorrect representation. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions on this news article.

Source: Various Sources

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