A Woman Delivers Baby On The Way To Hospital In 108 Ambulance

Woman Delivers Baby
The Medical Staff is Holding a Newborn Baby in 108 Ambulance

In yet another commendable effort by the frontline healthcare medical workers, the staff of a GVM EMRI 108 ambulance helped a woman deliver her baby in the ambulance itself en-route to the hospital. 

This occurred in the Curchorem area of South Goa last night when the 108 ambulances were transferring the woman to the hospital – nearest being Margao’s Hospicio hospital. 

With the paramedic’s assistance, the woman was able to successfully deliver the baby in the ambulance itself. This incident occurred somewhere around 2.30 am GVK EMRI officials said. EMT Shamal helped the woman deliver the baby. 

The mother and the baby were provided with pre-hospital care by the 108-medical team, while later, both were shifted to Hospicio hospital. 

Health Minister Vishwajit Rane took to social media to appreciate the efforts of the 108-medical team. “Team 108 has always been one step ahead in providing commendable service to the citizens,” he tweeted saying. 


Similar incidents of a woman delivering in 108 ambulances have occurred in the past. Last October, a woman gave birth to two twins in an ambulance with the assistance of two paramedics. 

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