The sexual abuse of the minors is on rising in the state with several cases getting exposed in the media on regular basis and in most of the cases, the involvement of known persons to the victim gets established. Here, in this case, a 13-year-old girl was sexually abused by the accused on several occasions resulting in the minor girl getting pregnant.

According to the sources, the accused truck driver Santosh Gore, 30, a resident of Kallem in south Goa was arrested by the Curchorem police on Friday under the charges of raping a 13-year-old girl studying at a school in Curchorem. The Curchorem police had told the media that, the accused had befriended the minor girl with help of his acquaintances before sexually abusing her.

According to the Curchorem police after befriending the minor school going girl with the help of his acquaintances he started sexually abusing her on several occasions which led to the girl getting pregnant and the matter came to the light.

The police said that the minor girl’s grandfather lodged the complaint with Curchorem police after he came to know about the abuse of her granddaughter by the Gore. Acting on the complaint the Curchorem police arrested the accused Gore from his residence in Kallem and booked him on the charges of rape under the IPC Section 376.

This is not the first case of sexual abuse of the minor. Recently in the month of February two minor girls were raped in the south Goa. According to the reports published in the Goa Prism on February 24th, 2017, two rape cases of the minor girls reported from the south Goa. In the first case a 7-year-old girl was raped by her own uncle and in the second case is a 15-year-old girl allegedly raped by her boyfriend.         

Both the cases are termed as the rape of two different nature. First is obviously an incest, which involves a 7-year-old girl that had been raped by her own uncle, which is the case of a custodial rape and it is the most severe crime while the second case involves a 15-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by her boyfriend. According to the law, any boy getting engaged into the sexual activity with the girl who is minor, regardless of her consent, the act of sexual intercourse is considered to be a rape. Both the cases here are very distinct but falls into the single category of rape. (source

The Vasco rape case is not yet solved as the accused is at large and the school principal and administration of the school made all the efforts to conceal the case as well as the accused. In the Vasco case, the CBI had filed the closure report. According to the sources, CBI interrogated 391 suspects and despite having the biological evidence CBI was unable to fish out the accused from the suspects. The CBI also carried out DNA test on 14 suspects, including on the headmistress’ nephew and son, put eight suspects through the lie detection test, and did fingerprint matching of nine suspects, but did not get favorable results. (source)

All the reports point towards one thing and that is the minors have been abused by the elder people and in many cases, the minor was in the custody of the rapist. This displays the lack of morality and rise in sexual abuse of minors. Besides the strict action from the police and administration, there is a need for sexual education to be given to every minor at the school level itself. Many schools do not have the facilities of the sexual education there is no provision by the state government to make it mandatory.


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