Road accidents in Goa are showing an upward trend with every day one person losing life due to the road rash. The major reason behind growing the number of road accidents is the lack of traffic sense and patience. No one has any patience left while commuting from one place to another that results in the tragic end.

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Based on the reports published in the Times of India Goa edition, almost one person gets killed on the daily basis in the road accidents in Goa which is a huge number for the small state like Goa. But despite the growth in the number of road accidents, there seem to be no awareness campaigns run by the state government to reduce the numbers.

Most of the people losing their lives in the road accidents belong to the young generation. The youth of Goa apparently more mobile than ever with the access to all the new generation superbikes and thrusting with the passion for the speed. They forget that although speed thrills but at the end it kills. The reports in the TOI claims that there were as many as 80 deaths had been reported in the state in the first three months of the beginning of the year.


The reports confirmed that in the year 2016 there were the most number of road accidents had been reported which sums up to the one accident on daily basis. It was almost 25 more than compared its previous year 2015, says the report. Another most shocking thing here is, the riders which belong to the younger generation have 55% share in the major road accidents which caused deaths. The above numbers also include the pillion riders and pedestrian. The Ponda police station recorded the highest number of road accidents and related deaths, closely followed by Verna, Mapusa, Pednem and Bicholim. The month of December 2016 alone saw more than one person succumb to road accidents every day with 34 deaths recorded. More than half of these were riders and almost one-fourth pedestrians.

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Goa being the tiny state has no good infrastructure to compensate the tremendous growth in the vehicles which also includes the huge amount of tourists pour into the state during the vacations from the nearby states. According to the sources, the analysis of the road accident statistics for 2015 shows the maximum numbers of accidents in the months of January, May, November and December, a time when the tiny state sees an influx of tourists, and during 6 pm and 9 pm. 

The figures also revealed that more than half of the accidents were attributed to dangerous or careless driving, including overtaking, while more than one-third were due to over speeding, where two wheelers were responsible for one-fourth of the fatalities. This is not surprising considering 200 vehicles on an average are registered in the small state each day with two wheelers accounting for 69% of the vehicles.   

According to the Traffic cell officials, the fatalities can be reduced if drivers and riders stop speeding. They also blamed buses for unauthorized stops, riders not using helmets, drivers choosing not to wear seat belts, lane cutting and overtaking for the rising fatalities. The UN Road Safety Collaboration has recognized speed as a key risk factor, contributing to half the fatal road traffic crashes in low and middle-income countries. The fourth UN Global Road Safety week from May 8 till 14 will focus on strategies to address speed.


The solutions for these growing road accidents includes the good traffic sense, improvement in the driving and riding style, control on the overspending and improvements in the roads. Installing the speed governor in the heavy vehicles can amount into reducing half the numbers of accidents on the tiny Goan roads. Establishing speed limits and enforcing them, installing in-vehicle technologies and raising awareness about the dangers of speeding, says the report.


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