The issue of the rising numbers of the Migrants in Goa has become one of the most serious concerns for the Goans. The population of Migrants has reached to 15% of Goa’s total population and it is increasing rapidly. The recent issue of Lamanis has brought the issue of migrants once more into the limelight. But do you know who is responsible for this?

According to the sources, the major reason behind the increase in Migrants population in Goa is the Goans itself. The reports say that it because of Goans who have moved abroad in a search for better opportunities it leads to increase in the migrants into the state from the neighboring states of Goa. Although it is very difficult to find out as when the Migrants have started entering Goa But Goans were always been migrating to the middle east, Africa, and European countries since the beginning of 10th century. According to the sources, Goans have been migrating before, during and after colonial times to East Africa for the purpose of trading. Goans were truly seafarers and intercontinental movers.

The issue of Lamanis, who basically belongs to the Karnataka state, had given the rise to the debate on the increase in Migrants into the state of Goa. According to the sources, the migrants from Karnataka constitutes over 15% of Goa’s population. There are people from other states like Maharashtra, UP, AP and North East from where people migrate to Goa in the search of employment of business.


Earlier in the year 2016, the Transport Minister Sudin Dhavalikar had mentioned that reason behind growing numbers of migrants who is settling in the coastal state is going up as the locals are moving abroad on Portuguese passports which is “not a good trend”. “Several Goans are taking the Portuguese passport and leaving the country due to which the number of original inhabitants is decreasing in the State,” said Mr. Dhavalikar adding that “I have been always demanding that the Portuguese Consulate is shifted out from Goa. We don’t require it. It should not exist in the State.” (source)       

“The migrant population has increased in Goa as the locals are shifting to other countries which are not a good trend. A large number of Goans, especially those born before 1961, are facing legal hurdles given that their birth was registered under the Portuguese rule in the coastal state, according to them the status of Portuguese nationals.Last month, Union minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju had said that Centre will soon notify an authority in Goa to decide the dual citizenship issue.”I have been always demanding that the Portuguese Consulate is shifted out from Goa. We don’t require it. It should not exist in the State,” Dhavalikar said. (source


If you take a careful look at the situation you will be able to find out that the Migrants are playing the major role in the development of the state. Today the major part of businesses are dependent on the Migrants. The builders cannot do without the workers which are Migrant. The vegetable vendors and now even the fish vendors are Migrants. The traditional Poders (Bread Makers) are also Migrants now.

The new generation does not want to continue the traditional work carried out by their forefathers and hence many businesses as well as professions are getting extinct from Goa. Today you cannot find the coconut pluckers. All the domestic help around in the society belongs to the migrant community.  How Goans will be able to manage without Migrants is the question before every Goan today.

According to the sources, the floating population of Migrant is around 100,000 in the state.  Many migrants have their ration cards, Election ID cards and AADHAR cards made in the state. There are few of them even managed to become the councilors and Panch members in the state. The Migrants are also the biggest Vote Bank of the politicians across the state. There will be seldom any politician left in the state who will not have the support of Migrants.


Keeping in the mind above facts does Goans still feels that Migrants should leave the state? But then who will occupy the space left empty by them? Will the Goans come back to their motherland from wherever they are? Will they also give up the Portuguese nationality? If someone can give the answers to all these questions then maybe it will make sense for their demand of evacuating the Migrants from Goa. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions.

Note: The above article is completed with the help of various sources. In case if the readers find any errors or lapses in the facts mentioned hereinabove please do bring the same to our notice and we will surely do the needful changes if required.                       



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