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Worried About Your Teenager Over Speeding the Car? Not Anymore!

It’s your son’s 18th birthday, and he’s recently got into a university. As a dad who has provided the utmost comfort, you decide to buy
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It’s your son’s 18th birthday, and he’s recently got into a university. As a dad who has provided the utmost comfort, you decide to buy him a new car for his birthday. Even though you trust him – there are apprehensions that every parent has, and you might be no different.

Handing keys of a new car to your child might be exciting for them; however, you might be worried about many things including rash driving, road rage and even over speeding. Showing your concern and keeping a check on your children is necessary for today’s day and age. It’s not that you don’t trust your child – but the others on the road are the ones you are skeptical about.

What Can You Do To Ensure Your Teenager’s Safety on The Road?

So, what can you do in such a situation? Clearly, taking away the keys is not a practical option. The practical solution will be a new-age device that can provide vigilance and be your eyes when your kid is behind the wheel. A GPS tracker? A dashcam? A panic button? Car GPS tracker price varies basis the features you get – and they will only show the location. A dash cam is a vanilla device that will only work when the driver activates it. Both of them have their limitations. So, what should it be?

Well, why not something that has it all included in one device and got even more features?

KENT CamEye – The Next-Gen Car Security Device

KENT CamEye is the first-0f-its-kind car security device that comes with a plethora of features to ensure 100% security of both your family and the car. If your teenager kid drives the car, KENT CamEye can be the most appropriate addition to the car for their safety.

Let’s take a look at the capabilities of KENT CamEye and how it can aid in


1. Dual Dash Cam

A dashcam traditionally records only the outside view of the car. However, KENT CamEye goes beyond and provides the inside view – all in real-time. It is paired with the KENT app, and you can live monitor both inside and outside of the car from anywhere. It records both audio and video, and there’s real-time location tracking.

Instead of getting quotes about car GPS tracker price – the dual dash cam and GPS tracker on KENT CamEye work better. It’s in function at all times – thanks to an inbuilt battery providing 24 hours of backup and a 4G sim card that documents every activity on the cloud server. All accessible through the app!

So, if you are curious to know the present location of your child, you can tune in to the car directly from the app.

2. Prevent Misuse with Intelligent Alerts

If you are worried about your kid driving rashly or over-speeding – KENT CamEye has a ton of intelligent alerts.

  • Over Speeding

You can set a speed limit on the KENT CamEye through the app. The moment your child crosses the limit, you will get an alert on your phone. You can talk to your child directly through the device from the app instead of calling them.

  • Geo-Fencing Alert

You can set a radius through the app on KENT CamEye, and if anytime your child crosses the boundary, you will get an alert.

3. Know Who’s in The Car

Alcoholism, late night drives and ferrying around friends is a common practice among teenagers. The concern of parents for the safety of their child is justified. If your child goes to late night drives, KENT CamEye will track everything, and you can check the details later to know everything. You can watch the live feed and see who’s sitting in the car. The intelligent face-recognition technology also helps you identify if the car is being driven by someone else. So, inquire about KENT’s car GPS tracker price – as no other GPS device can never provide information at this level.

What are You Waiting For?

There are some things that all parents do to ensure the safety of their children. It’s good to educate your child about over speeding, rash driving and asking them to follow traffic rules. However, investing in a product like KENT CamEye can be highly beneficial to keep track of the child and their driving habits. It’s an extra layer of security that no car GPS tracker price will justify. The device is 100% Made in India and is available only on Amazon India. Check out the features, and you might consider having it in your chauffeur-driven car too!

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