A verbal scuffle between the former Tourism Minister and the Owner of the Parachute Mr. Melroy D’Silva have become the news in the national media. Many of the well-known websites and Facebook pages with several millions of followers are spreading this news across the social media giving a bad name to the Goan politicians and police…

Mickey Pacheco is known for his arrogant behavior in the past, and he had been sentenced to the jail term of six months due to the assault on the government servant some time back but, despite that, his behavior does not seems to have changed much. In the recent election, Mickey was lost but his lifestyle does not change much. In this particular case, the former minister and Ex-MLA seem to have driven his land cruiser on the beach thereby damaging the parachute of one Mr. Melroy D’Silva.

The video clip which went viral on the WhatsApp and other social media shows the arrogant behavior of Pacheco while the owner of Parachute demanding the explanation from him. According to the reports published in the CarToq () one of the biggest national website which has quoted this incident as “yet another brazen display of arrogance and unlawful attitude of some of one our politicians” claiming that the Mickey Pacheco, an ex-minister from Goa, drove his Toyota Landcruiser Prado SUV on the Majorda beach without the express permission of the authority, which is against the law and a punishable offence but, Pacheco seems to be least bothered when it comes to rules and regulations.

“Anyway, while driving on the beach, he decides to drive over a parachute that was spread on the sand; probably just back from giving an aerial tour of the beach to some tourist.” quotes the website. The above statement from one of the most prominent media website is sufficient enough to tell the world as to how the Goan politicians do not care about the law and order in the state.

The story does not stop here it goes further saying, As can be clearly seen in the video, the parachute has been damaged by the SUV. The owner of the parachute decides to find out the vehicle by following the tire-tracks made on the sand. His search leads him to a Land Cruiser SUV parked alongside a shack. The owner approaches Pacheco who is sitting on the beach shack with his friends and questions him for driving on the beach. In response, he gets two middle-fingers pointed at him.

The video goes on to show the rude behavior of the drunk ex-minister, who is in such an inebriated state that he loses his balance while trying to get off the chair. Of course, the high-handedness shown by Pacheco isn’t of much help to the parachute-owner, who decided to walk back to his damaged equipment.      

The ex-ministers unabashed behavior doesn’t end here. Soon, he gets into his SUV and tries to run over the parachute owner. Of course, the minister is in such a drunken state that he isn’t successful in driving the SUV beyond 200-meters from the shack. By then, some cops have surrounded the damaged parachute to inquire about the situation. The video doesn’t show the if any action has been taken against the ex-minister and his friends. However, this is yet another sad example of the low regard that some of our politicians have for the very citizens they swear to protect.

All that said in the above para is more than sufficient to spread the message across as what kind of system Goans are living in where the Ex-minister tries to show his power with the help of few of his henchmen who also use highly abusive words (as seen in the video clip) Police is shown just as a spectators in the scene that usual always comes at the end.

The question here is, Does our beaches have any kind of security or police which takes care of such situation? What if this would happen with the tourists? Meanwhile in the interview with the ANI News Agency Pacheco is seen challenging the act of the Parachute Owner by calling it an abuse. He also gave the explanation as to why his car was on the beach but same seems to have no relevance to the matter. Now the only thing one can do it is waiting and watch as what course does the law takes in this matter. Do you have anything to say on this issue? Please share it in your comments below…          


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