Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Villa in Candolim Goa is now guarded by the bouncers

Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Villa is as famous as Vijay Mallya himself. This is the place where the famous liquor baron of India used to throw lavish parties. Perhaps this is one of the most expensive properties in Goa. Although Mr. Mallya has many properties across India and abroad but Kingfisher Villa in Goa is completely different. This place which once upon a time was bursting with party animals and beautiful models is now under the control of hired bouncers. Who are these bouncers and why they are protecting the villa so diligently. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] If you have been reading lately in the newspapers then you will be surely aware of the fact that Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Villa was attached by the consortium of banks headed by SBI. All the staff of the Villa has been relieved of the duties. According to the news published by the national media, the cooks, gardeners, security staff, drivers, and caretakers of the Kingfisher Villa hurried were moved out of the place by the bouncers.

The SBI took over the Kingfisher Villa belongs to Vijay Mallaya towards the loan debt. Goan banks were waiting to take over this Villa last year but due to a lot of legal technicalities, it wasn’t done. But on Friday the North Goa collector had cleared the file of possession by Banks and ordered them to take over the villa.

The Villa was attached by the bankers on Friday at 3pm claimed the report. Following the attachment, there was an unusual change of guards at the three acres Kingfisher Villa property. As vehicles of local administrators, asset management companies, and police teams entered the palatial house and holiday retreat of Vijay Mallya, making their way out of the nearly 10-foot-high gate, carting their belongings and bearing the look of surrendered troops, were around 50 in-house staff members.

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According to the news agency the whole scenario at the Villa has completely changed. The earlier caretakers such as the cooks, gardeners, security staff and drivers of the Kingfisher Villa who used to show off were now avoiding any contact with either the curious onlookers or the media out of embarrassment.

The bouncers became the center of attraction to the tourists and locals who gathered around in curiosity to find out as what is going on at this place. Radheshyam, the area manager of Mumbai-based ADF security services, the “bouncer team” deployed by SBICAP Trustee Company Ltd, which took over the villa on Friday as part of the loan recovery process following a North Goa District Collector order. Radheshyam told the media that he had scattered 44 boys across the property, especially to cover the main gate, the adjacent road and the beach entry to the property.


Radhesyam himself was standing in front of the gate with the broad smile of victory while he and his men were being photographed by all the people gathered around the villa due to Kingfisher story. He even apparently moved away those tourists venturing too close to the gate for the selfies holding up the ‘V’ sign.

The ADF security head told the media that, “Initially we were told by our agency that that our client SBI’s property needed to be secured in Goa. It was much later that someone told us the property belonged to Mallya. Given the high-profile case, we were told to be keeping a watch for media presence and be on our best behavior,” Radheshyam said.

For Radhesyam and his team, it was the first time visit to Goa and that too at Vijay Mallya’s mansion. According to sources, Radheshyam and his team left Mumbai for Goa on Thursday evening and met up with other teammates as well as bank officials and police to draw up an action plan early Friday morning, before proceeding on the eviction drive.

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Besides their personal belongings, said Radheshyam, the villa’s staffs were allowed to take away a few cars and furniture. The bank only has rights to the immovable property. “But two cars are still on the premises. Proper authorization is needed to take them away,” one of the new guards said.

Radheshyam and his staff are not sure as when they will go back home since they have the orders to guard this palatal property till they hear the next orders from the bank. “We don’t know what is next or when we can go home. But as long as the company wants us here, we will be here,” a guard said.

Behind them in the dark stood the house once at the heart of many a story of the rich and famous. Previous attempts to auction it at a base price of Rs 150 crore have been futile. As of now, there are no takers for Kingfisher Villa. Till the SBICAP finds the suitable buyer for this place it will remain guarded by these ‘Bouncers’.

Source: Indian Express


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